Character Details - Sadie Jenkins

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Sadie Jenkins

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al Description:

Height: 5'6" tall
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Long brown hair
Eyes: Gray blue eyes
Build: Slender build
Age: 25


Sadie has spent her life bringing herself up.  Her mother was killed in an Indian war brought on by the people from the East.  Her father disappeared the same day.  She was ten.  She had hid in the rocks behind their cabin. 

Everything has been just fine up until that day.  Her best friend had been a Sioux, her own age.  Laughing Water and she had snuck off to play together for at least 3 years.  Both being adventuresome they has wandered off only to find each other and a special friendship till that day the strange white men came and took Laughing Water away and sent her scurrying back to her parents.  But it was all too late.

After her parents death she wandered off and was found by a family hungry, wet and cold.  The Pracketts did the best they could for her, but she continued to wander off making it almost impossible to educate her.  But, they needn't have worried she knew her studies, she just learned them on her own.

She left the Prackett's when she was 16 traveling on the horse they had given her, killing her own food by trapping it.  When the winter's hit she would find some small town and beg for work in either the general store or as she got older the saloons, learning another trade she wasn't proud of.

A loner, a wanderer, a woman not of her time.  She can be found dress in men's jeans and a flannel shirts. Hidden in her bags is a white dress, one for a lady, a wedding dress she never got to wear.  They had killed Jim as they stood before the preacher discussing the wedding plans.  Jim had owned the merchantile store in that town.  She had worked for him during the winter months and fallen under his gentle spell of caring and seeing her for who she was and could be.

Yes, you've got.  She looks sweet, she can be sweet, but don't lie to her, don't double deal, don't cross her.  She'll get even one way or another.  No, she won't kill you though she might talk someone else in to doing it for her.  Otherwise, make a friend of her and there is nothing that she won't do for you.

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