Character Details - Lianna Blackthorn

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Name: Lianna Blackthorn
Meaning of Name: Blessed Blackthorn
Age: Five
Eyes: Silver, pupils ringed in amber
Hair: Platinum blonde, almost white, with streaks of black and gold
Height: 2"6 Dragon Form:
Colour:"White Gold" - Silver with a gold hue
Length10 foot snout to rump
Weapon Ice

Lianna is a very shy child, she will speak to few people, but is more open with her family and her close friend Robin Silverleaf. Because of her Seer abilities she will not be in close contact with anyone if she can avoid it.

As the firstborn female of her family, Lianna is a Seer. As such she regularly spends time with her paternal grandmother, the Shai'ay Aeryn Gaff. Aeryn took Lianna away from S'Hea during the illness to keep her safe, and begin to teach her about her skills.

Lianna is a Seer, an Aerdonian Dragon and a Shai'ay shapeshifter. For a comprehensive breakdown of these abilities please see the Mythos Library.

Lianna has a small pair of dragons on her left shoulderblade, one silver-black and one gold. No one knows where this mark came from.

Please note: Under NO circumstances should ANY character touch Lianna without express permission. Doing so will usually cause the person touching the Seer to experience an intense and extremely painful vision, and also cause Lia intense pain. This will also result in Rachel Blackthorn becoming EXTREMELY angry. ANYONE who is around the Blackthorn Keep will know to leave Lianna well enough alone.

Lia Siggie

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