Character Details - James “Colt” Darrington

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Name: James “Colt” Darrington

Age: 35

Built: 6’ 3” Muscular build 

Weight: 215 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Weapons of choice: A pair of Colt .45’s and a Henry .45 cal rifle

James Darrington was a young man of twenty-one when he heard the call to “Go west young man”, and he did so just as soon as he finished college at an early age of twenty-one. His parents, Mr. Carl Darrington a doctor by profession and his wife, Mrs. Elisabeth Darrington, a school teacher by trade were both heartbroken when their only son told them that he was taking the first train west, to make his own fortune as a doctor, a trade he was highly skilled in, taking after his father.

Soon the tracks stopped and he took a stage coach west, heading to California to open shop, but half way there bandits stopped the stagecoach and killed everyone on board. They left James, bleeding by the dusty road side, stripping him of his cash, his clothes, and a pocket watch his father gave him. He was later found by an old gunslinger and nursed back to health.

Wanting vengeances for the men that the bandits killed, he was taught how to use a gun, learning that he was, in the words of the old gunslinger, a natural. He was quick on the draw, and his twin six guns barked death every time he pulled them from their holster. Soon he was given a nickname, for he wore a pair of .45’s on his hips, with pearl handles. He was given the nick name “Colt”, for the name of the guns he used to deal justice.

At the early age of twenty eight, he killed a young man, who was looking to make a name for himself. He later learned that the young man was no older than sixteen, a dirt poor farmer’s son. That’s when he hung up his guns, and became a gunsmith. He still uses his doctor skills when the need arises, and he can be seen sometimes burying the dead up in “Boot Hill”.




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