Character Details - Lani K'Tral

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Name: Lani K’Tral (lah NYE)

 Age: 991

 Hair: Deep Coppery Red

 Eyes: Golden Brown

 Height: 5’10”

 Weight: 150 lbs

 Clan: Tiger

 Life: Aer'Hon (1)


 Fe’Lo ~ Donal (father)

 Home world: CathEska

 Appearance: Like all those of felinumeara blood Lani sports a soft pelt the consistency the same as that of a seal or a horse. It is very fine and soft glistening when sunlight touches it just right. The majority of her pelt is a soft russet color with very deep black tiger striping. The white of her pelt starts as just a touch at the hollow of her throat slowly widening across the middle of her just until it reaches her navel and then starts to narrow blending into the soft russet at the groin. There are also numerous scars upon Lani’s chest, stomach, arms, and thighs from the effects of extremely strong negative emotion being thrown in her direction; however, a casual observer would not see them because her pelt grows a bit longer in those places to hide the wounds from view.

 If someone were to run their hands along those areas of her body they would feel them. All of her empathic scars, i.e. the physical scares received as a result of her empathic abilities are bare flesh. So someone running his or her hands over an arm for instance would feel smooth pelt then a patch where the pelt obviously falls over a bare patch of skin where a scar would be. However, as I said, most do not notice these.

 As most of her race Lani has angular facial features with a black tipped nose and tiger striping that only covers her cheeks and forehead with deep coppery lock that are kept pulled back in a tight braid that reaches just above her bottom. She wears not clothing unless in the presence of other races and it is clear those of that race are uncomfortable with nudity. At these times she will don a bikini like top that ties around the neck made of soft boka (felinumeara equivalent of dear) hide in either brown or ocher with a matching pair of form fitting shorts that seem to be more of a second skin then actual clothing. The only ornamentation that can be found on her person in the silver ankh necklace about her neck that is a symbol of her goddess. She also carries no hand made weapons.

 Demeanor: Lani by nature is a pacifist. She does not believe in attacking anyone for any reason though she will use her teeth and claws to defend herself and those she loves if there is not way to settle a situation peacefully. She believes that all creatures have a right to live in peace and follows the don’t bother me and I won’t bother you rule. If a situation arises that is volatile and has the potential for blood shed she will step in a do her best to defuse the situation. If this does not work and walking away is an option then she will do so. Like I said, however, when backed into a corner she will defend herself along with those she loves.

 Abilities: Lani’s most unusual ability is her empathy. It is a rare gift among the felinumeara manifesting in one out of every fifteen thousand births. Generally she blocks casual emotion with no problem having had over two hundred years of training. Stronger emotion, however, is much more difficult for her and tends to cause physical injuries. No one is sure why this is only that when an extremely strong or uncontrollable negative emotion happens in a felinumearan empaths general vicinity a physical wound results.

 The list of emotion and the wound it produces is as follows:

 Anger: Cuts ~ usually chest area

 Jealousy: Blisters ~ usually hands, arms, neck area

 Pain/Hurt: Burns ~ usually torso

 Betrayal: Bruises ~ usually face area

 Hatred: Does all of the above covering from the hips up.

 As the rest of her race Lani is always well trained in how to survive in the wild. She also has the ability to defend herself with tooth and claw along with knives of any kind, though; again she prefers not to use them unless forced to. Due to her unusual talent along with the natural felinumeara belief in control Lani is very disciplined. She is able to remain calm and rational in most situations until her own emotions get involved. It is this, her own emotion, which is her greatest asset and her greatest liability at the same time.

 History: Lani has spent all but the last year of her life on CathEska being a caregiver. Most of her chargers are sick children or those newly come into their time for schooling. She also over sees to the children come from other villages for begin their schooling answering any questions they might have, helping to ease them into their new surrounds, and taking care of whatever fears they might have. During this last year of her life, however, she volunteered to assist her Aunt Rhiannon in the raising of her twins on Whispin though this choice only lasted for a year.

 Upon returning to her home planet Lani went back to seeing to the sick and other children.

She has no current love interest though she has recently met Atticus Kaeldtin and finds him rather interesting.

 Note On Lei’akoh: Until her 650th year Lani experience heat just as every other female, but due to her personally feelings that the sharing of another’s body without benefit of love she spent each lei’akoh in the room of solitude praying that she would not go mad or die. At 650 the Del’Felina showed mercy on Lani and took her away her biologically need to mate every five years of her adult life finding that the process for Lani was cruel and unnecessary. Due to this fact Lani has no children.


All Deceased.

Scent: Vanilla mixed with ozone

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Patricia Tallman