Character Details - Cianan Conchobhair

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Name: Cianan Conchobhair
Age: 45
Race: Corininian Human
Height: 6'2
hair: chestnut brown
Eyes: Ice Blue

Scars and Markings: A slash across his side he received when he was a child.

Personality: Cianan is very much like his father in both temperment and beliefs. Kind and caring Cianan has an easy laugh although he has a bit of agruff exterior and to those he doesn't know very well can come off as sarcastic and a bit of an ass. Hidden beneath the cool although friendly exterior is a guilt that eats at him, between his mother's family blaming him for her death to their hatred of his father. This has since grown to include his own anger at the sudden and unexpected death of his father.

Background: The first and only child of Cathan Conchobhair and Catriona(formally Leith). Although the pregnancy itself had few complications the delivery was another matter entirely. Hours after the birth of their child Catriona died. Cianan was raised with love and a deep respect for those around him, Cathan instilling in the boy a sense of pride and honour for life and other races. The former lord of Conchobhair refused to let racial hatred for elves that his wife's family had been known for taint his son.

For his page service Cianan was sent at the age of seven to Castle Talacharn, home of his uncle Arwel Talacharn and his aunt Crystin. Three years into his service his first cousin was born, Griffith, Cianan secretly shadowing Crystin for weeks after the birth of the babe worried she'd die like his mother had.

The years spent at Castle Talacharn were happy as they were productive, Cianan gaining more than a cousin with Griffith, becoming quite close to the boy who became his shadow as soon as he was able. Even after his page service ended and Cianan returned home, he continued to visit his cousin's regularly. Although not as close with Eoin this had more to do with age difference than lack of contact. Cianan being fourteen years his cousins senior he did aid minorly in Eoin's page sevice although at that time Cianan was dealing more with the business side of the family.

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