Character Details - Anarórë Adara Gin Vennassë

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Full Name: Anarórë Adara Gin Vennassë

Meaning: Beautiful Silver Angel

Nickname: Angel

Race: Schi (human/elf/anaisi/incubus)

Age: 16 (as of Blood Moon Rising)

Height: 5'2 (as adult)

Build: Slim, lean

Eyes: Black irises again blue, changes colour with emotions like all schi

Hair: White

Skin tone: Pure white

Distinguishing marks: White wings with black tips
Scent: Strawberries and Cream

Clothing: simple clothes, anything that doesn't hamper movement, unfortunately she's still dressed by her 'nisai which means whatever he thinks is cute ends up in her wardrobe.

Personal Items if carried: pets. Angel collects animals as if it's going out of style, it doesn't matter if their cute and furry or slimy, the ones she can put in her pocket that don't die immediately are her favourites, though.

Personality: mischevious and curious, Angel has a habit of wanting what she wants when she wants it. Most times she tends to get it, even if it means making the circuit before someone giving in. She's not above using any number of techniques, including blackmail, pouting, puppy dog eyes, tears, and just plain smarts in wheedling what she wants from her family. She's not spoiled in the traditional sense of being a rotten kid, she won't throw a temper tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants; according to her that's a waste of energy that can be spent working on a plan to get what she wants by another means. She can be devious and cunning, as well as sweet and kind. She loves her brother to the nth degree even if he can be an annoying brat, but that's only when he's trying to put cherry juice in her hair. She's very curious about girls, and would like to learn more about them; they seem fun.

Occupation: n/a

Skills and Abilities: flight through wings (still learning but getting better), fast healing like other schi, shapeshifting abilities that are still developing. Her main power which hasn't developed yet is the ability to suck energy from other individuals. In more powerful races she's able to transfer powers for a short time, in humans it's almost vampiric and she can't control it. She ends up syphoning their life force.

History: Born to Keiden and Ty, Angel is the second of twins. For the first few years of her life, Angel was doted upon and had a relatively stress free childhood. Until the sudden death of her father Ty. The death left her very shaken, and for a while after his death, she refused to believe it. Her active imagination and deep denial lasted for several months. She's poured herself into dealing with animals of all kinds, and is very disturbed by their passing. Although her father came back she's been left with some emotional worries where he's concerned. For the first few months she refused to go near him terrified he'd die again. As time passed she calmed significantly, but she still spends as much time as she can on Aruinnbith, lately she's been trying to get to Arlsyn again, she liked the horsies there and she'd like to see Riel's mom again.

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