Character Details - Kerensa Davan Thorneton

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Name: Kerensa Davan Thorneton

Race: Corinian Human - Some Nomad a few generations back

Age: 32 (as of Blood Moon Rising)

Parents: Lord Camryn Davan, deceased, and Lady Ciara Wyvern Davan, deceased.

Height: 5'10"

Build: Curvy yet still on the slender side

Hair: Coppery brown

Eyes: golden brown

Complexion: tanned/copper skin

Identifying marks: Small scar on her left shoulder

History: Kerensa is the only child born to Lord Camryn Davan and Lady Ciara Wyvern Davan.  Lady Ciara died when Kerensa was very young, of an illness treatable by S'Hean healers.  However, Lord Camryn would now allow the Elves to treat his wife.  This caused a feud between Lord Camryn and the Wyvern family, which lasted until Lord Camryn's death during the great Earthquakes.  Kerensa has been kept from the Wyvern side of her family because of this feud.

As a child, Kerensa was left to the servants to raise, particularly to Miss Meggie, who ran the household in the place of Lady Ciara.  Miss Meggie had never had any children of her own and so viewed Kerensa as her own daughter.  She also opened her heart to Lord Daegan Thorneton, while he was a page on the Davan Estates.  The only child she ever met that she didn't like was Lord Dane Amherst. 

Kerensa, being only a few years younger than Daegan, would often follow him during his lessons and chores, either helping or getting in his way.  As they grew older, Daegan treated her as an equal, and she came to trust him as she would no others.  She views Daegan as her best friend, and at times will say he's her only friend.

Lord Dane Amherst was a frequent visitor to the Davan Estates during Kerensa's childhood, and had an understanding with her father that when Kerensa was older, they would be married.  Because of this, he often treated Kerensa as if she was his property, which angered the young girl. 

To an extent, Kerensa was indulged by her father.  She managed to convince him to postpone the wedding until her 20th year, nearly six years after many other girls are wed.  He agreed, believing she would have to give into his choices regardless.  When Kerensa was 19, the Earthquakes struck, killing her father, and turning her into Lady of the Manor. 

Camryn's will stated that Kerensa would need to be married by her 23rd birthday, or the land would be up for grabs.  He stated his choice of Lord Amherst for her husband, despite knowing Kerensa despises him. 

Kerensa is a very strong willed young woman, as well as an unconventional one.  She has learned more than most of her contemporaries in the ways of the sword, from tagging along on Daegan's lessons, as well as from cajoling the servants into teaching her things.  She's also learned some statecraft, but mostly gets by on her tremendous love for her lands and her people, and their adoration of her. 

The Davan lands are small, isolated by the lake and the desert.  They are a crucial point of entry for the goods brought by the Nomads, and are one of the major trading ports of the Kingdom.  Kerensa has an excellent relationship with the nomad traders, from poking about as a child and then later from making sure she understood the processes of the trading between the peoples.

During the story Hells' Fire, Kerensa married Daegan, in part to be safe from Dane.  However, Dane has now passed on, and Kerensa has no plans to annull her marriage.  After Dane took her captive the second time, while Daegan was falsely imprisoned, she realized the extent of her feelings, though she took her time in sharing these with her husband.  She also feels some guilt at being the cause of the rift between Daegan and Dane that was never resolved.

Marital Status: married to Lord Daegan Thorneton

Children: Davan Thorneton, Briara Thorneton

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