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Xaria "Sierra" Silverwing

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Sierra is the daughter of Drake and Willow Silverwing.

Age:  In the various stories taking place at Bardic Web you will find that she is either 16 years old or 20+. (as of 1/2007)
Height: Presently about 5' 4"
Weight:  105  lbs
Hair:  Light brown with hints of blonde and auburn, depending on the time of day and how the light is shining on her.
Eyes:  Emerald Green with a hint of cobalt blue around the edges from her father

Abilities: She has some of the magic of her mother. When Salem is available he takes her under his wing so to speak and works with her.  By that I mean he exlains to her how to use what she does have.  The ramifications of using it and not to try to tap into her mother's magic as she has seen her father do. 

General: Sierra loves her mother,  but she adores her father and will later wish to follow in his steps as a Knight of the Crystal Rose.

She is outspoken as a child and an adult.

She is inquisitive, protective of her family and you better not cross her for she does have the temper of her Aunt Aspen, which is uncanny, since they are truly not related.

Her closest friend is Caolan, the son of Bran and Mira Badb Catha.

Still to young in most stories to have any romantic connections.  She is drawn to Aran.  One needs to keep in mind that they are not brother and sister. 

**In the current story, Dreamcatcher, at Elemmiire, she and Aran are aware of their feelings for one another, and tey run deep. 

At Merlin, in her spare time she can be found chasing after her 4 year brother, watching over the Dragon Inn, or just messing around. 

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Gretchen Wilson
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