Character Details - Nimohe Dosek

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Name: Nimohe Dosek (pron: NIM-oo-hay)
Nicknames: Nim
Race: Aerdonian Black Dragon, pure blood
Rank: Member of the House of Dosek, a Black House Minor
Age: 5500 at time of Scorched Earth

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Onyx-black scales
Eyes: Black-Ruby
Length: Apprx. 35 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 52.5 ft wingspan

Human Appearance:
Hair: Black, Long
Eyes: Black-Ruby
Complexion: Creamy
Height: 5' 1"
Build: Petite

Markings: Ring of black barbed wire around right ankle.

Clothing: Most often seen in a mini-skirt and corset-top with combat boots, although this can vary. She has been known to steal the shirts from her hatchmates or older brothers, Cae and Kalleth, despite the disparity in their size - mainly because she just enjoys annoying them.

Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None

Personality: Provocative, Abrasive, Mischievous

Abilities and Weapons: Proficient with both the recurved bow and the crossbow, however if fighting hand-to-hand she typically uses the sai. Normally she will carry three of these, two at the side which are her primary weapons, and one tucked along her spine in case one was disarmed. In addition to her natural ability to form blades and spikes from her own scale in two-legger form, Nimohe is able to use fire as a breath weapon. She is also gifted by her goddess and god with the Flame. This gift is cast from the hand.

Other Information: The second child of the third clutch, Nimohe is the daughter of Sorad Dosek and Tian Nye'ather. As is normal for the younger sons and daughters of the noble Houses, Nimohe was drafted into the service of the Imperium upon reaching the Millennia Mark (1000 years of age) which is the Age of Majority amongst the Kin, and is currently serving the mandatory 5000 years along with her two male hatchmates, Avery and Criv. Due to a instinctive feel for explosives, Nimohe was assigned to the Demolitions division of the House Guard.

Little Known Facts:

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Meighan Desmond as Discord