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Where to begin,......

Picture a roughly humanoid figure, with an extra set of arms, a prehensil tail, claws, and fangs, and give him pale skin and hair that refracts light in a rainbow. Make him youngish, early twenties, late teens. Slim and trim. Not too clean-cut, not a filth monger - just the right amount of grime.

To those who can tell such things, he's some sort of Celestial - whether from Heaven or Hell is unclear, no matter what.

To those who try to tell via observations, he could be either.Or neither. Or both.

Which is impossible - or is it?

Zuph was a relatively new Calabim, a demon of entropy and destruction, who had been serving Belial, Demon of fire. Zuph earned his own Word - which due to Kobal's humorous intervention, does NOT support Belial's Word. Ticked, Belial made Zuph's life Hell. Ticked, Zuph stole his Infernal Heart and fled to Earth, going renegade, taking on the role of a grungie male human drummer in a rock band.

Sethur was a Grigori, ancient guardian Angel of humanity. Outcast with the rest of the Grigori, Sethur had his own Word, and kept his own Celestial Heart. He had grown weary of hiding out, waiting for the end, and had taken up being the young male human lead singer in a Christian rock band.

Ok, enter those of either side who hunt down their own - the servant of Asmodeus and the servants of Dominic, who destroy the Outcasts and Renegades. Put them on the trails of Zuph and Sethur.

Zuph, fleeing those after him, encounters Sethur, fleeing those after him. They fight, doing harm to each other. Enter thier mutual hunters. Zuph and Sethur team up to survive; enacting an ancient, nearly forgotten ritual that TEMPORARILY combines the two of them into one entity, with the powers and skills of both. They fight and defeat both sets of hunters.

Enter one bored, deposed ancient deity - Loki. Who makes the combined form PERMANENT. For his own entertainment. Both the Infernal and Celestial Hearts shatter, creating a new Heart for this new, combined being. Both Words combine, creating a new Word in the Symphony.

Confused, dazed, tired, injured, and STUCK, Zuph-Sethur(or Zuphur) snatched up his Heart and fled the battlefield.

That was about eight months ago.

Friends of the Grigori Sethur have been looking for him - he's vanished. Friends of the Calabim Zuph have been seeking him - he's vanished.

Someone has been using safe houses of both the Grigori and the Demons.

A new talent has surfaced - the lead singer and drummer of a rising rock band, with spectacular effects and the oddest, most popular songs ever heard. There seems to be no language barrier; anyone can hear and understand the lyrics, in any language. Without translations. The lyrics alternate between urging people to explore their sense of touch and philosophical debates on the nature of existance, God, and why we are here. The on stage act includes enough fire to satisfy a pyromaniac, and seems to respond directly to the wishes of the audience. The make-up on the lead singer/drummer is awesomely spectacular, with animatronic arms and tail, light reflecting off his hair and body in a mesmerizing rainbow effect. His vocal effects are equally wild, sounding like two different voices singing at once. Slim and somewhat handsome, he attracts a growing following of young people who join in his wild after-performance parties. No one ever sees him out of "costume", even during the orgies - and there doesn't seem to be any zippers or anything like that on his "naked" body - which everyone assumes must be part of the show. After all, no human could look like that.

Zuph-Sethur(Zuphur) is nine times as sensitive to touch as a human. He feeds off of the energies of the multiverse - but only benefits from it if he's had his daily literal ass-beating. Call it a combined curse - he's extra sensitive to touch, but has to get a bare-assed beating every day to keep his strength and powers up. He hates it. He has to suffer the pain and humiliation just to continue his existance (thank you, Loki.). Meanwhile, he has to continue dodging those who were after each part of him - the servants of Asmodeus and Dominic, Belial's followers, any Malakim, and those seeking proof of Angels or Demons. To increase his own power, he has to increase the importance of his Word - Neohaptiphilia.

He has some loose allies. The members of the band, the driver and road crew, the manager - who serves Nybbas, the Demon of Media - and the bodyguard - also serves Nybbas. They want him to keep up the work he's doing. The bodyguard pins him down every day and delivers the ass-beating - and enjoys it - as per orders from Nybbas. Any actual friends of Zuph or Sethur, from before, who might stand by him now.

Zuph-Sethur(Zuphur) likes being part of the band - just not the daily beatings. If he could escape that need - or find someone more sympathetic to his situation to satisfy the daily requirement - he would. A large portion of his income goes towards research and development of sensory implants for touch, or touch receptors to replace or augment damaged natural ones or work as robotic sensors. His songs include subliminal messages urging people to explore their sense of touch in new ways. In his wild parties, drugs are employed to enhance people's sense of touch, heightening their experiences, triggering wild orgies of exploration.

Zuph-Sethur(Zuphur) wears loose silk tunics, designed for both pairs of arms, and leather pants that allow for his tail - and some that allow his exposed butt to hang out. Worn soft leather boots and an occasional leather trench coat complete the look, with ever-present sunglasses to hide his refractive eyes. Silver jewelry - rings, earstuds, piercings - dot his form from time to time, marking when he's "all dressed up". There is always a thin layer of mild grime on his clothing and body - pale, refractive skin and hair never quite seeming clean, clothing always seeming rumpled and worn.

He holds powers of entropy, flame and destruction, as well as powers of defense, telepathy, and subliminal encouragement, and can make himself understood by anyone - for him, there is NO language barrier. He owns an artifact - it looks like a body bag, stores an extra body(a shell for him to inhabit) in it, keeps it hidden and can find it anywhere. Zuph-Sethur has memories of being both a Demon and an Angel - and recalls the long life of the Grigori on Earth, and the unhappy life of the Calabim in Hell. He can draw up the Essence of the multiverse by enacting any of several rituals - but must have his daily need sated before he can feed off the Essence. He still has the handicaps of both the Calabim of Belial and the Grigori, so he walks a thin line between selfishness and selflessness to balance them out. Fearing those who would destroy him, he hides in public as a member of the rising rock band until he becomes powerful enough to fend for himself against them.

Zuph had a girlfriend and a boyfriend. Sethur had several ongoing relationships with partners of either sex. Zuph-Sethur(Zuphur) doesn't care the sex of a partner - as long as it feels good.

Celestials/Infernals aren't either sex - though when they appear, they tend to pick one sex more than the other to appear as - reflecting how they want to be viewed among the human culture they are appearing in. Both Zuph and Sethur most often appeared as male - and now Zuph-Sethur(Zuphur) appears as male all the time.

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