Character Details - Niobe Avelle

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Name: Niobe Avelle

Race: Human

Age: 25

Height: 5'9"

Build/Weight: about 65kg. Of middling, curvaceous build with a classic hourglass figure

Hair: Long, black, wavy. Often piled up on top of her head or artistically disheveled.

Eyes: Deep brown

Complexion: olive


Niobe is bright, witty, and has a gift for languages. She appears spontaneous, but can be quite deliberate and even manipulative sometimes. She often gets herself into trouble on purpose, just to see what will happen - she has the invincibility of youth. She has a trace of arrogance, but is largely good-hearted. She will be catty sometimes, but only if she thinks her target can take a joke. She's not always right about that.


Niobe's preferred work is as an artist's model. This isn't always available, and she will do other modelling or work as a translator to make ends meet.


Niobe is the daughter of an Egyptian diplomat and a French painter. Her mother died when she was three, and her father left Egypt and took her back to France.

Niobe was pretty much raised by her father's friends and lovers, mostly artistic types who would shower her with affection when they remembered she was there. As she grew older, she was increasingly sought after as a model, once her father was no longer comfortable painting her. By fifteen, she had acquired something of a reputation in the artistic community in Paris.

At sixteen, her father died, and the orphaned teenager simply disappeared off the official radar. She never lacked for work, money, or somewhere to sleep for a couple of nights, but she had no home and nothing permanent in her life. She's since travelled extensively, though she always returns to Paris.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Morena Baccarin