Character Details - Casma Kennyr'Tlithar

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Physical Description:
*Name: Casma Kennyr'Tlithar
Meaning of Name: Death's Hearld Sworn to Victory
*Race: Tuatha De Dia
*Age: 1,788
Apparent Age (if different): 23
*Height: 5'7"
*Build/Weight: thin, reed like
*Hair: pitch black
*Eyes: colourless
Complexion: pale

*Identifying Marks (if present):
Dead in a word. With very pale thin skin. Veins can be seen underneath, dark blue. Tribal tattoos adorn her skin at her arms shoulders and navel. The markings are unique to the death bride and part of her initiation into the Athansuis keeping.

black gowns and dresses noting her heirarchy within the temple.

Personal Items usually carried
: a simple blade

Personal Information:
*Occupation: Priestess of Death
*Skills and Abilities: She's dead first and foremost, there for she doesn't need to breathe, eat or anything else in similar fashion. She's effectively a necromancer with the ability to read death on all creatures. Most often it's little more than a brief glimpse and the actual cause is never known unless the person happens to be quite near death at the time. Because of her tie to Athansuis she has the ability to kill, this is not something taken lightly, because of her unique ability most often when an a person becomes sick they call a cleric of Zoe and a cleric of Athansuis, if there is nothing the cleric of life can do, it the choice is left to the cleric of death. They cannot take someone before their time, but they can influence certain events if they notice a pattern. Still clerics especially Casma rarely try to sway the outcome of death, even for a loved one. They can rasie the dead in some cases. If unforseen circumstances occur and Athansuis agrees, they have the ability to bring them back to life. One thing that has always distressed Casma is that despite how close she is to her brother, she was unable to find out if he'd died in those intervening years when he was missing. She wasn't powerful enough. Also a skilled fighter

*Weapons Used: Bladed weapons when she needs to.

Background Information:
*History: Second child of Rhys and Azalyr Kennyr'Tlithar, she was born with the symbol for death on her forehead. At the time of her changing her brother tried to cheat death and paid for it with the scars on his back. Given briefly the ability to heal after she came back she healed her brother's wounds then went to live in the temple. She's slowly moving up the ranks within the circle, although family ties matter little, she's still seen as princess although this is name only, she technically lost the title when she died to become a cleric.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: none
*Bonds: Ethereal bond to Athansuis

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