Character Details - Azalyr Kennyr'Tlithar

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Azalyr*Name: Azalyr Kennyr'Tlithar
Meaning of Name: Bright life sworn to Victory
*Race: Tuatha De Dia
*Age: 8,000
Apparent Age (if different): 28
*Height: 6'1
*Build/Weight: muscular, athletic/ 220
*Hair: brown
*Eyes: blue
Complexion: light bronze

*Identifying Marks (if present)
: crisscross bondmark across his left hand, one long scar across his torso he received when he was young

Clothing: fitted leather pants and shirts, tailored clothes, standard gear for a King's Consort

Personal Items usually carried:
Sword made from Aruinnbith Silver, he received from Rhys shortly before they bonded, a necklace with the Kennyr'Tlithar insignia of two swords crossing he received upon his acceptance of being Rhys' body guard. Several daggars hidden over his person.

Personal Information:

Kind and compassionate he is nonetheless considered the harder of the two fathers, at least according to their children. Azalyr is serious and cautious, with a bit of mischevious streak that is usually only seen in front of close family and friends.

Kings' Consort and body guard to Rhys Kennyr'Tlithar

*Skills and Abilities:
Skilled mage, and weaponmaster, Azalyr has been trained since childhood in both magic and weapon work by his father and the lords around his home. He is well versed in both archery and swordfighing, and can use several types of weave magic.

*Weapons Used:
Composite Longbow, and the double edged elven longsword, the style is particular to Aruinnbith made from Aruinnbith silver making it lighter than most swords it's size. Also has several abilities all it's own because of the magic that Aruinnbith silver is capable of holding.

Background Information:

Born third son to a minor lordling, Azalyr was trained in both magic and weaponry to take his place as another one of his father's guards. Owing to his prowess with a sword as he grew up, he became well known through tourneys and various other events, gathering the attention of the reigning family of Draenthaw. Given the chance of a lifetime he was approached by the weaponsmaster for the Kennyr'Tlithar household and asked to become part of the guard. Accepting almost immediately Azalyr found his life suddenly very different than what it had been, he trained day and night to meet the strict discipline that Illarndul Kennyr'Tlithar demanded from his bodyguards.

At the age of 900 he was given the task as personal bodyguard to the King's Consort Kornis, although she was a well known sorceress, Illarndul did not want anything to happen to her. For over a hundred years he cared for the King's Consort with more care than any other guard previous. Because of this he was her most trusted bodyguard and the only one allowed to accompany her on the regular trips she made to the temple to visit her daughter Amalthea. During one visit in particular Kornis was heavily pregnant with her second child, one everyone hoped would be the heir and crown prince. It was on the way home that they were attacked, Azalyr receiving the wound across his torso, although he managed to fight off the bandits. Even so, Kornis went into premature labour, Azalyr the only one nearby. With what help he could offer, Kornis gave birth to her second child, a boy who would be named Rhys Kennyr'Tlithar, heir apparent to the Kennyr'Tlithar throne.

Azalyr watched Rhys grow, taking on the boy's training when it became appropriate. Over the years he became aware that the hero worship Rhys had once looked to him with had changed to something else. Azalyr did nothing to encourage the boy, but continued training him. Eventually the age difference ceased to matter, and one Rhys' one thousandth birthday he was named crowned prince. At that time he named Azalyr his personal body guard. It wasn't until Rhys' two thousandth year that Azalyr finally admitted his own feelings.

It was the sudden death of Ilarndul after a hunting accident that rocked Draenthaw to the core. Three days after his death was reported, Kornis followed him. Rhys took the throne of Draenthaw, two tousand years ahead of schedule, Azalyr accepting not only the soul bond but the consort bond as well.
*Marital Status: married and bonded

Eirvin Kennyr'Tlithar, Casma Kennyr'Tlithar, Tahlemar Kennyr'Tlithar

Soul bond to Rhys.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Liam Neeson