Character Details - Rhys Kennyr'Tlithar

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Rhys Physical Description:

Rhys Kennyr'Tlithar

Meaning of Name:

Tuatha De Dia


Apparent Age (if different):


250 lbs (terran)

dark brown



*Identifying Marks (if present):
Soul bond mark across his Left hand from his bonding to Azalyr, in a pattern of four distinct ropes crisscrossing one another. Each a different colour, black for strength despite fear, purple for deep love, gold for royalty and the acceptance of a consort bond, and finally silver fertility, growth and prosperity in the years to come. Rhys also has thee scars across his stomach, each of them are old, anyone in the medical profession would be able to note they were actually caesarian scars and not scars dealt in battle. Across his shoulders he has the mark of his kingship a celtic knot that wraps and curls around his family name and two claymores crossing one another.

Clothing: Simple understated despite his office

Personal Items usually carried:
A great sword made of Aruinnbith Silver. The blade if just shy of six feet in length from the hilt. The blade is heavy even for Aruinnbith silver, and the hilt is made of fine Tar'Amel leather.

Personal Information:

Strong and caring, Rhys is a kind and generous king. With an impeccable sense of honour and loyalty he's fiercely protective of his family. He loves deeply, and has a deep respect for all beings. He's considered the soft touch by his children, but this is only for his family.

High King of Nycerath, and King of Draenthaw

*Skills and Abilities:
Skilled with both sword and bow he's strong and quick, and well atrained martially. Able dipolmat.

*Weapons Used:
A great sword made of Aruinnbith Silver. The blade if just shy of six feet in length from the hilt. The blade is heavy even for Aruinnbith silver, and the hilt is made of fine Tar'Amel leather.

Background Information:

Heir and King, Rhys grew up under the protection of Azalyr his mother's and then his body guard all his life. He was the man's shadow for centuries, learning everything that he could from him. When he wasn't followed Azalyr he followed his father learning everything he could about becoming king. His sisters although both clerics played important roles in his life. But through everything there was Azalyr. During the ceremony in which he was formally named heir of the throne, he declared Azalyr his personal bodyguard. Through the years the friendship blossomed into something much more.

The death of his father was a shocking blow to the family, none more so than Rhys. It was the opening of the Festival of Shadows, the buck they party had been tracking for days had been cornered. A young lordling had been showing off and shot an arrow wide, clipping it in the shoulder. The animal reared and tried to break through the party, barrelling through several of the heavy horses that were used for hunting. Rhys' own panicked and toppled the heir to the ground, right in the path of the hooves. He should have died that day, instead his father had reacted and pushed the young prince out of the way into Azalyr knocking them both away from the beast before he was trampled to death.

Rhys took the thrown three days after the Festival of shadows ended. Hours after his parent's funerals. Scant weeks later a celebration was held as Rhys and Azalyr wed and were bound, both in consort and soul.

It came as a surprise that he could actually give birth. Whilst not common it was known that male elves were capable of having children he didn't actually expect it. The fact that he was the one with child caused a stir among the other High Kingdoms, but that passed. Halfway through the pregnancy Rhys found out he was having twins. A mixed blessing as twins had never been survived during a male pregnancy. He held Arivin as the boy took his last breath, the loss something Rhys has never truly gotten over in some cases. In the years that followed he perhaps spoiled Eirvin a bit, but the fact that the boy survived was a testament to the will his first son had. He knows in his heart that without Ari, Eir is in effect leading a shadowed life, but he thanks the gods daily for letting him keep one of them. The birth of his second child was just as much a mixed blessing as their first.

Casma was born with the symbol of Athansuis on her forehead, and Rhys knew in his heart that this was the price Athansuis wished in return for keeping Eir alive. Her death when she became a bride of of the god was one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do up until that moment. He loves her as much as he loves all his children, but part of him still mourns the loss of the tiny blond girl that wanted to be a warrior like he and Azalyr.

Tahl was by far the most unexpected child ever to happen. Tahl's rather interesting view of the world has left him at times sad, other times extremely proud. Tahl has grown perhaps too fast in many respects, he knew of the boy's feelings for his friend, Kor. Although he doesn't know of the bond they shared. At the time of his disappearance, Rhys was sick with worry. It took twenty years before he finally held the funeral the High kings were beginning to demand. He barely spoke in those years as he watched Casma helpless in her position. She wasn't strong enough to know if her brother was dead, and she wasn't high enough in the heirarchy to beg audience with the god to find out. His helplessness with Eir hurt even more. The pain in his first son was almost cloying, and for a while he worried that he'd be burying another son if he didn't stop the search. That was the only time in his life that Rhys remembered the years as they passed.

The sudden return of Tahl to the family was one of the happiest days of his life. He spent days holding his youngest child after Eir returned the boy's memory.

*Marital Status:
Married to Azalyr

Arivin (desceased), Eirvin, Casma, Tahlemar.

soul bond and consort bond to Azalyr

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Gary Sinise