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"Kiss me while I'm still alive; Kill me while I touch the sky,
Let me die on my own terms; Let me live and let me learn..."

A Life of My Own - 3 Doors Down

Name: Kalleth Dosek
Age: 7268 in current timelines, subtract approximately 2000 for his age at the time of Tapestry of Legends
Race: Pure Aerdonian Black

Two-legger form:
6’ 5”
Weight: 300 Standard Terran pounds, or 21.4 stone
Hair color: Jet black, shaved at the sides and worn long at the back, often in three or four shoulder-length dreadlocks
Eye color: Black-ruby3

Black Kin (dragon) form -
Length: 60 ft, str (snout to rump)
Wingspan: 90 ft
Color: Sooty/matte black
Build in either form: Heavily muscular

Profession: Sargtlin Renor (Black Warrior) of the Black Guard (bullet catcher)

Captain: Atas Saad’ra

Background: Kalleth is one in a set of identical twins. He and his brother Cae were born in an isolated House Minor possessed of little wealth yet one that had a reputation for an almost antiquated code of honor nonetheless. No one really remembers the exact day the pair arrived at the Keep, as they were just two of the many younger sons and daughters of the Houses to ‘do their time’ as soldiers in Nargus’ armies.

As identical twins, the pair were raised with the antiquated belief they were destined to be born to serve Ghauld, the Lord of Destruction. Identical twins are considered Ghauld’s sacred gift and were to be raised honoring him alone, regardless of what deity their birth House honored.

Later they become part of Araxmarr’s Black guard but never rise above the rank of Sargtlin due to their inability to control their tempers and basic instincts in battle. Kalleth and Cae are perfect examples of the differences between Sargtlin Renor, the black warriors, the grunts of the Imperial Guard, and their superior officers. Bestial and savage, the Sargtlin operate on instinct and desire, rather than logic and method and as such are a prime example of what Nargus' entire army had been before Araxmarr had forced them into accepting discipline. One of the greatest, and most on-going, challenges of the Captains and Lieutenants is keeping the arrow-catchers of the Guard in line.

Personality: Kalleth is every bit as hard-headed and malicious as his brother, Cae. His temper is short-fused in the extreme and he has the physical size to back it up. As with all Blacks, there are no half-measures for Kalleth Dosek, he goes into battle, brawls, gambles, eats, and trains with the same level of intensity and passion. One unusual fact about Kalleth is that he doesn’t drink alcohol under any circumstances. The facts leading up to this are well known, if not the behind the scenes facts. Only Cae and Araxmarr know the entire story.

Why he doesn’t drink: Shortly after being placed in Araxmarr’s division of Nargus’ army, a female who outranked him continually provoked Kalleth, and went so far as to dare him to kill her to take her ‘rank’. In one of the first few formal training sessions Araxmarr began to demand of his division, Kalleth was in attendance and literally drunk himself into a ‘blackout’. The female died, her neck broken, after what appeared to be an accidental collision between two newly formed Wings. As the tactic of fighting in formation was a new and difficult concept for the Blacks to grasp, accidents were frequent and this one was assumed to be just that. An accident.

It was not. After Kalleth sobered up, Araxmarr quietly pulled him and Cae aside, and explained that the next accident Kalleth was involved in would result in a slow, excruciatingly painful, very public death and his brother would join him, just to make certain the right twin had been executed.

Kalleth never took another drink after that day.

Appearance: Kalleth views the clothing worn by many of the Kin with a great deal of disdain, and will not willingly wear manufactured garments. Instead, if he is not in his armour, Kalleth is usually seen in false garments made of his own scale - a black, tunic with an obvious scale pattern, black leather trousers and heavy black boots. In battle or training, Kalleth’s armour is heavier than most and lacks the defined, sculpted breastplate most of the higher ranking Guard prefer. His armour is thick, would appear incredibly heavy, and simple in design, yet practical and provides much more coverage than the ‘light’ armour of the Captains and Wing-Guards.

It is also clear Kalleth is not built for speed. His size is massive in two-legger form and larger than most in full dragon form, and as such is slower than smaller, lighter built Kin. His advantage in battle or brawls is his crushing strength as well as his ‘reach’.

Weapons: Kalleth’s preferred weapons are the war-hammer and the battle-axe. His control over the Flame is okay, but nothing you’d trust to light a candle or an oil lamp with, let alone a cooking fire or hearth… unless you have an excellent sprinkler system.

Marks: One - The mark of the Black Guard on his right shoulder, a wreath of black thorns with the rampant Black Dragon in the center. Battle-scars and pride-marks are too numerous to mention.

Little known facts: Kalleth is a painter, and unknown to even his twin, has a large system of unused, hard to find caverns he’s claimed as his own, far beneath the Keep. The walls, ceilings and floors are painted with murals and various scenes from all aspects of living in the Keep. Painting is his way of keeping the Rage and frustrations of daily living at a manageable level, otherwise he would have had to be ‘put down’ a long time ago.

Another little known fact is he has been in love with Ivette Razvancha, a Right-Wing Guard in Atas Saa’dra’s Wing and his and Cae’s superior officer, for just over two thousand years. His attraction for her began shortly before Araxmarr left the Keep to assassinate Kyra Diamondwood, and only deepened into something more as the then Emperor’s paranoia led to the Inquisitions. From time to time, he leaves random gifts anonymously outside Ivette’s door. (Fortunately for him, she hates him, so she'll never suspect him) Cae is the only person aware of this.

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Karl Urban as Lord Vaako from The Chonicles of Riddick