Character Details - Nerina River

Written by Justin RainCreated : 31-Oct-2005 3:45:49 pm
Last Edited : 20-Feb-2006 2:40:58 pm

Nerina River;

Age; As old as her bones

Bondmarks; None

Height; 5’10

Weight; 135

Jewelry; Sea amethyst ear ring in right ear signifying her bond to her river Nerina which she was named after when it was born the same time she was.

Physical Features; She has light blue luminescent scales sparkling in many places all over her body, and yet not covering her body.

History; Nerina was born on Garden through the bonding of River Aphina, and River Narcissus. She has done an admirable job maintaining her river, and risen up in the ranks of her people to be held as one of the head caretakers of the waters of Garden. Nymphs of Garden have no males, and create children with each other by joining their waters together during flood seasons. It is not not a physical blending of bodies.

She can mate with males or females, but rarely does so, and typically looks at men with disdain, as they are something she rarely deals with.

Magical Abilities; She has affinity with any body of water, but especially fresh waters. She has the ability to be under the waters indefinitely and still breathe. She can cause the waters to storm, flood, etc. She can portal, and has minimal telepathic abilities with her fellow nymphs. She can not be away from water for long however, and is always drinking it. She is NOT a mermaid, but a nymph with an affinity for water.

Notes;  For more information on her magical abilities please see Garden's mythos. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Karen Cliche