Character Details - Craig Urdrul

Written by Justin RainCreated : 25-Oct-2005 10:46:16 pm
Last Edited : 23-Jan-2006 5:04:18 pm

 Height: 2.5 feet tall
Hair:  Dark brown leaning towards black.
Eyes:  gray-blue

Age:  2.5

Distinguishing marks:  Pixie wings, and bare chest

Jewelry:   None at this time too small

Smell;  Roses and mountain air

Soul color: 

Craig is the son of Sharee and Lancel. He is 1/4 pixie 1/4 Brendari, 1/4 Elen and 1/4 Garden elf.

He has wings that he doesn't want as all the other Brendari don't. He carrys his fathers tradition of always being shirtless.

He has no magic at this point as he's only a child. Wether he will actually have magic abilities we'll only show in time.

He makes his home in Brendar Valley with his mother and father, who will some day marry.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Alexis Cruz