Character Details - Joshua Dumitru

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Full Name: Joshua Dumitru
Nick Name: Joshie, Josh
Race: Human (English and Romanian)
Hair: Golden brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 10
Age: 16
Avatar: Haley Joel Osment

Apperance: Joshua has his mother's Golden brown hair, blue eyes and skin tone and his father's build.

Personality: Josh is outgoing and adventuress, he's also protective of his older sister and has been known to pull off some sort of stunt to gain his Grandfather Bettington's attention and get it away from Evelyn.

Personal History: Josh stands to inherit both his father's lands and those of his grandfather's

History: Evelyn and Joshua grew up on an estate in Romania, the children of Nicolae Dumitru, a Romanian Lord and Caresse Bettington, an English noblewoman who ran way from home against her father’s wishes, resulting in her father’s disownment. The children grew up with a happy life but a strange and suspicious turn of events resulted in the death of both parents and the burning of their home.

Evelyn and Joshua were able to escape and took sanctuary at a convent in a nearby village. After a year there, the sisters sent them to England. Once in England they sought out their grandfather who turned them away out of pride. However, after a good scolding from the housekeeper, he agreed to allow them to live there with him as long as they stayed out of his way. Agreeing, the housekeeper set the children up in an unused wing of Bettington Manor.

Other information: Their Grandfather is a specialist in ancient languages and an archeologist that taught at Oxford for a time and though retired, is still considered a professor there.

Note: Evie and Joshie are still a work in progress; if you have questions, don't hesitate in contacting the writer.

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