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CallumPhysical Description:


Meaning of Name:

modified human


Apparent Age (if different): 16


240/ brickshit house

auburn with gold and brown highlights

one green one silver


*Identifying Marks (if present):
Callum has many scars, some from training, most from the medical experiments he's gone through during his life. Both hips have several criss crossing scars that making a patchwork across along his skin from repeated tests. There are several puncture wounds in his stomach along with a few scars and burns from training and punishment. The scars can be seen in several forms anything with a scaled form will show the scars vividly.

whatever's comfortable

Personal Items usually carried:
small arsenal. Callum carries with him at any time now two berreta's, glock 17, several blades that are attached to various parts. He always carries a small backpack with a submachine gun.

Personal Information:

Tough and rambunctous Callum is a cute kid with a bit of a sarcastic streak. Very loyal to those who become his friends, he can be a bit of a show off when the need strikes. He doesn't care if he's the center of attention for good or bad, just as long as he can make those he cares about laugh from time to time. Get on his bad side, even as a five year old and watch out. Callum has a bit of a vindictive streak and can be confrontational or underhanded as the situation calls for it.

Age sixteen
Not much has changed since he was five. Callum is still quite active, sarcastic and a consumate joker. Loyal to a fault he's extremely intelligent, although not much for reading. He'd rather spend hours in the gym than sit and read. This could have something to do with his advanced metabolism. Any doctor trying to diagnose Callum would probably claim he suffered some form of attention deficit. It couldn't be further from the truth. Callum has so much energy at any given time that if he doesn't get rid of it, his powers tend to go wonky.

genetic experiement

*Skills and Abilities:
Genetically altered to not only be the perfect human but to be the perfect weapon as well. Callum is strong, fast and of genius level intelligence *not that he uses his brain often enough* Because of the added mutation at his conception, Callum is also a shapshifter. There isn't much he can't shift into, from as small as a mouse to a dragon. The only thing that he can't seem to shift into is another humanoid. Elves, and others, seem to be blocked. He can change colour and markings as the need suits, although the one thing that seems to stay the same are his calico eyes. His eyes actually being a mutation on their own, a flaw in the design so to speak. He can change into hybrid forms, changing his hand to a dragon's talon if need be. The problem that arises from this is that his metabolism almost shuts down. When he is shifted or in normal human form, it can take almost triple the dose of some drugs to take effect on his system. In hybrid that same dosage could potentially kill him. He dislikes hybrid although with continued use they have their benifits.

I mention vaguely that Callum's been trained militarily since he was a child but I want to get a bit more specific, just to give an idea of the skill set he has with him. He's been trained since birth, his best skills are in infiltration and spec ops. Think Rangers/Navy Seals deep cover for his skills. He has killed, he will Never admit that he's killed, he hates that part of him, hence when he changes into animals that are basically harmless. Most psych profiles on him show he's normal, but in fact Callum has shown some sociopathic tendencies, that's what happens when you force an eight year old in predator form and starve them before letting them loose on a few 'practice targets'.

The one thing as most of you can probably tell is that he's not used to be outside the facility. They hadn't prepared him for civilians so he's out of his depth right now.
*Weapons Used: claws and teeth, knives, demolitions, traps, guns, sniper rifles, he's been trained with all of it.

Weaknesses: Callum cannot shift into another humanoid, e.g. elf, another human, etc. He also cannot shift into anything without an internal skeletal structure. I.E. he can only shift into another vertabrate creature. Insects, certain sea creatures, are beyond him. Drugs can effect him, though in either complete shifted form or human it usually takes higher doses to cause the same effect as a single dose. In hybrid form he is extremely sensitive to drugs and can easily over dose.

Background Information:

Until he was almost a year Callum didn't even have a name. He was little more than a serial number in a long list of genetically altered babies that had been created for the express purpose of using as weaponry. Even after being given the name Callum, several of the staff still referred to him as a serial number, even when they spoke to him. Callum was the only one to survive out of his testing unit, by the time he was almost two he was completely alone except for the doctors and various technicians that he dealt with daily. In spite of this Callum was for the most part a happy child; the nurses doted on him secretly. When he was three years old he made his first transformation, he didn't want the 'mean doctor' poking him again so he ran and without thought he transformed into a mouse and hid behind a bookcase. Once they managed to fish the boy out and get him to turn back, Callum's training changed. Soon they were discovering what the boy's limits were. Even as young as he was Callum was obsessed with fantasy, one of his nurses read stories to him each night. It was because of these stories he tried to turn into a dragon. It worked, although the doctors realizing the potential danger they had on their hands placed Callum in a restrictive collar after drugging him. He spent three days in dragon form as they poked and prodded him.

At this point in his history, Callum was introduced to two other mutants of amazing ability. Jacy and another boy Dallas. With the help of these two Callum managed to keep his sunny atmosphere, although he took great delight in driving the director of the project around the bend. By the time he was twelve he barely tolerated those in charge, his friends more valuable to him. At this time another boy was introduced to him Tory, older and definitely cockier, Tory was a bit of role model for Callum, much to everyone else's chagrin. By the time they were sixteen things had gotten much worse they tried to escape. Only Jacy and Callum had been able to get free and ended up hitching a ride to a bar on an asteroid called Riker`s, there they joined up with several others to fight an entity on a space station.

Six months before escaping Callum was transported to Aerdon and met Marius, though until he met him again on Riker's, Callum thought it had all been a dream.
*Marital Status: single



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