Character Details - Tristram

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TrisName: Tristram
nick: Tris
age: immortal
apparent age: 23
Height: 6'3"
weight: 232
Hair: Brown/blonde
eyes: blue

Description: Tall, strong, beautiful, powerful, frightening. He is all these. Powerfully built he is lean and muscular with well defined features, piercing eyes and short light brown/blonde hair. He is lithe and quick, deadly and silent. He favors tight clothes, jeans and t-shirts, dark colors mainly. Has the remnants of a small effigy on a chain around his neck.

Personality: Mischievous and darkly sensual, he exudes animalistic passion. Every experience must be savored. Every taste, every touch. He can be a bit of a joker. Laughing easily. Sadistic, to say the least, his hungers sexually are rather dark. He loves this century, feeling that the world has finally matched his needs.

Background: Tristram had humble beginnings, a petty demi-god messenger. Nothing special, till he met him. Darcy embodied his name well. Dark, fit him perfectly, he was tanned and stunning and Tris fell in love. He followed Darcy around everywhere, taking whatever scrap of kindness the demi-god chose to throw him. With Darcy he was shown a world he had never known existed. He was shown passion, sensuality, everything. He was given everything and he took everything. He became Darcy's pet, he lover, his toy. He reveled in all that Darcy showed him, demanding more, needing more. Soon his tastes coudln't be sated with just Darcy, he needed more. And he was given more, Darcy more than willing to fulfill Tris's every whim, watching him fall from light into depravity. And fall Tris did. He walked willingly into the shadows, following Darcy along a dark path that he never wanted to leave.

Eventually he was separated from Darcy, the other demi-god bored with Tris and his easy fall from grace. Tris heartbroken, refused to leave earth, occupying his time with a new depravity, inventing some along the way to satisfy himself. He traveled everywhere, owned many a slave, and raped, killed, destroyed many a mortal. His world for a time was darker than he ever thought anything could be. The love of his existence throwing him away like used garbage. For 1,000 years he drown his sorrow in blood.

Finally angry with himself for his self-pity he brought himself out of it slowly, although still drawn to the darkness, he no longer took pleasure from killing, he took more pleasure from breaking. He had been doing well, his carnality only being taking out on servants, one in particular, an incubus, that Tris was intent on breaking. Incubi are insatiable by their very nature. Tris set out to sate one. It took nearly a month, for the incubus to finally beg no more. Tris pleased with his success killed the incubus, out of mercy. The incubi unwittingly part of a challenge that Tris couldn't turn down. That had been the only time he had killed anyone he slept with. Any other death to his credit had been in cold blood or in a war he had started out of boredom.

His mistake had come nearly 2,000 years after Darcy had left him. He saw the demi-god with a new pet. Even more beautiful than Tris could hope to be, this new pet was bright where, Tris was dark, innocent where Tris was depraved, kind where Tris was cruel, and he had Darcy anger seethed through him the likes of which he had never known. His lover for Darcy never completely gone left in that moment replaced with a violent need to break this new toy, to teach it in one lesson what Darcy had done. What he would do. It was easy enough to get the pet away from it's master. And by the time anyone realized what had happened, the beautiful little pet of Darcy's wasn't beautiful anymore.

That was when the powers had stepped in. In effigy they locked away his powers. Then to be sure they locked him away in oblivion. He had apologized for his mistake, it had been wrong, done in anger and pain. But it could not undone. Over the years in oblivion he had learned how to tap into his powers from the effigy around his neck, although no where near as strong as he once was he is still a force to be reckoned with.

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