Character Details - Sadhbh McDermot

Written by FoalanCreated : 21-Oct-2005 9:03:05 am
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Name: Sadhbh (SAYV) McDermot
Age: None of your damn business
Gender: female
Height: 5'5" 3/4
Weight: Well see now that's just rude
Eyes: Piercing emerald Green
Hair Color: Black as pitch, with no sign of Grey
Nationality: Irish and don't you for get it.
Occupation: RN

Appearance: Of good Irish stock Sadhbh is a strong woman with even stronger spirit. She still holds the beauty of her youth although it has been moulded by years of experience, lending her a beauty more weight. Graceful although coming from a large family Sadhbh is voluptous even after having several children, her youngest 24. Her eyes dance with hidden mischief, but can change just as quickly to angry stones, making the precious stone that lend their description pale in comparison to her gaze.

Personality: Just don't cross her or her family and you will get along JUST FINE. That said, Sadhbh is fiercely loyal, with a strength of character that many envy. She is quick to laugh, and loves mischief and has a strong sense of right and wrong. When she's angry, it's best to just sit there and let the tirade happen, running implies weakness a characteristic she can't stand, but more than that she rarely lets her temper fly unless it is warrented. You go near her family in anyway she will hunt you down and kill you. Of course her family isn't safe either. Living under her would not have been easy but it would have been fun.
Background: Contrary to what her son Alasandair believes, she did not die in childbirth nor did his little sister Maeve. The birth had been a hard resulting in a c-section. The most painful blow came though when she awoke to find that her husband had run taking her sons with him. Anger coursed through her. Although she had planned to divorce him, she would not have run. A long recovery in hospital prevented her from searching for her sons. She has done her best raising her only daughter Maeve, but the childs life was additionally hard due to Sadhbh moving them from place to place hunting for any scrap of information that might lead to her finding her sons. Luck was with her when she found her husbands death record, albeit 15 years after the fact. She found her most of her sons shortly after she was heartbroken to hear of the rift that had occurred in the family she remembered to be loving and so close. Now she is on a search for her youngest son. Her pride and joy, so much like her in look and attitude. She needs to find him, to drag his stubborn ass home to mend the fences that their father destroyed years before.
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