Character Details - Furlough Arlen

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Age: Unknown, looks to be around 40, but has looked that way for a very long time
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 295 lbs

Occupation: Chef at the Dragon Inn

Furlough appeared one day on the doorstep of the Dragon Inn professing to be a world renowned chef. Whether that is true or not he has always been able to put forth truly wonderful meals for the guests. And, when he teams up with Ymir, one of the long time guests … well, the cuisine cannot be beat.

He and Galain have a long standing feud going on … he figures Galain owes him thousands of peeled potatoes for various reasons and things that have happen at the Inn over the years.

Furlough has a tendency to disappear for long periods of time, it is rumored that he has a family hidden somewhere. He never talks about anyone special, just disappears.

He has a tendency to be loud, full of himself, doesn’t like to be crossed and doesn’t want Willow in the kitchen. Ymir is the only one who is allowed to be in there.

Furlough has seen many battles in his time, a veteran of many wars. You don’t want to cross him.

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John Candy