Character Details - Faelan McDermot

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Name: Faelan McDermot
Age: 17
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs

description: Faelan is broad shouldered with the beginnings of definite muscle showing on his form. Long black hair falls about his face in a thick cutrain, his eyes a deep piercing green thickly lashed giving him a wide eyed appearance. Full lips and a straight nose, give him an almost pouty look, but one thing Faelan doesn't do is pout. Darkly handsome he's strong and capable with an easy smile and a rich laugh.

Personality: Before he met Sander, Faelan was a typical teenager, a little spoiled, more nervous than usual but still a bit of a brat. After he met Sander things changed, suddenly he found he was in a place where he didn't have to hide what he was, and his uncle was not the pussy he had always been told.

Background: Born in Ireland, Faelan had a typically spoiled existance, more from his mother than his father. His father although caring was distant to him, Faelan left wondering if he had ever done anything wrong. It wasn't until he was twelve he found out what happened to his uncle, a man he barely rememebered from his childhood. From then on he watched as his father became obsessed with what had happened when he was, seven forever hearing about his uncle and what a coward cock sucking pussy he was. By the time Faelan was fourteen he began to get scared, his own sexuality becoming apparent. He managed to hide it for almost two years, until he heard his father go off again on Sander. Typical teenager he freaked on his father, calling him every name he could think of, finally admitting to his own sexuality. That was a mistake; his father, beating him damn near bloody before Faelan ran. Going to his uncle Ciar he managed to borrow enough money to get a plane ticket, heading out on the next flight to his uncles.
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