Character Details - Aiden Summers

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Physical Description:
*Name: Aiden Summers
Meaning of Name:
*Race: human
*Age: 30
Apparent Age (if different):
*Height: 6'5"
*Build/Weight: 240, muscular
*Hair: chestnut brown with auburn and gold highlights
*Eyes: blue
Complexion: irish

*Identifying Marks (if present):
scar across on cheek, crosshatch scarring down his back

usual, dark colours, denim, tight shirts.

Personal Items usually carried
: kidnapping equipment, most of the stuff he uses is at home though since he plans ahead.

Personal Information:

:He used to be happy, but that all changed when he lost the love of his life. Now he cruel, unfeeling, tortured and bent on destroying himself, so that he might join his lover. Too much of a coward to pull the trigger and end sad existence he tortures others, to make them feel the pain he lives with daily. It has come to the point that he derives his only pleasure from others pain. Their sorrow, their torment. He thrives on it. It make him forget his own.

former jouranlist, now serial murderer

*Skills and Abilities:
intelligent and quick, he spent years studing serial killers for his books, he knows the ins and outs and knows how to avoid getting caught.

*Weapons Used:
anything he can get his hands on

Background Information:

Aiden fell in love with his best friend, moving in with him shortly after graduation. They lived a typically happy life, both going to college and getting degrees in journalism. They worked side by side making their own magazine, struggling through all the ups and downs, their world was the magazine, and eachother. Aiden's discpline in journalism was law. His love of court and crime always adding a bit of spice to his life. He made the mistake of contacting an rapist, for a story on his life. They spent moths talking, going over the book, Aiden slowly being drawn into a very dangerous world. The novel was published soon after and Aiden received many awards for his research into the mind of a sociopath. Unfortunately, after the book was published he cut off contact with the rapist. The rapist, is paroled a few months later and tracks Aiden down.

One day Aiden comes home to find his lover, Jack, dead. Having been tortured and raped repeatedly. In that moment Aiden died. He found the rapist in their bedroom, on their bed. After a struggle, Aiden was beaten pretty badly, his back shredded by the glass shower door, his face scarred by a the hunting knife the rapist had used to on Jack. Enraged, Aiden went insane. And began torturing the man, slowly. After ten hours he finally killed the man. Cleaning up a bit he walked away from the house, never looking back. His mind forever shattered, his heart dead.

*Marital Status: widowed



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