Character Details - Akinari

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Physical Description:
*Name: Akinari
Meaning of Name:
*Race: 1/2 Shifter, 1/2 human
*Age: 77
Apparent Age (if different): 17
*Build/Weight: 190, athletic build
*Hair: black
*Eyes: brown
Complexion: bronze

*Identifying Marks (if present): slightly pointed ears

Clothing: jeans and t-shirts, anything simple.

Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:

*Personality: honest, kind, caring, entirely too trusting despite the numerous disappointments in his life he is still cautious preferring to remain hidden out of sight of others. He hates calling attention to himself, attention usually leading to pain at the hands of those around him.

*Occupation: doesn't have one

*Skills and Abilities: he's half shifter but unlike most shape shifters he can only shift into one form, a cougar. Sometimes he'll even shift in his sleep.

*Weapons Used: claws?

Background Information:

*History:Aki’s first few years were quite normal, until he turned seven, his mother had taken ill and he and his father watched as she slowly wasted away, her death marking a turning point in the young shifter’s life. Soon after her death men came from his mother’s family taking him away from the only family he had left. He was taken in front of his maternal grandfather, who taking one look at the boy was angered once again by his foolish daughters decision to run away with a creature. He beat Aki that day, and every day after to several years trying to beat his father out of him. It had the opposite effect, Aki hiding in cougar form sometimes for days terrified of his grandfather. When the boy turned sixteen his grandfather had died, Aki feeling as if the pain had finally ended, in fact it had just begun. He was sent to live with his mothers brother, who in almost every way was worse than his grandfather. He had been living there a week walking on egg shells in fear of the man, the look in his eyes one he had never seen before but something about the way he looked at Aki unsettled him. He found out the reason behind the look soon enough the man coming into his bedroom one night and cruelly ripping the last of Aki’s innocence from him, leaving Aki bleeding and crying on the floor of his room after he was finished. From then on things went from bad to worse, the man using him every chance he could Aki powerless to stop him. Silently he endured the pain, wondering if he actually deserved it for being what he was. His memories of his father had begun to fade, the kind man no more than blurred image fading with time and pain. After nearly fifteen years of suffering at his uncles hands he snapped. That night he fought back, killing the man who had hurt him so much. In abject fear of what he had done he ran away going back to the only place he remembered being happy. It took years to get back there, his memories faint, but he did find it. By that time though the place had long since been empty. He stayed there for several years hoping, praying that his father would return. Angry with himself for waiting he took off again, this time in search of his father doing what ever he could to survive. He’s still searching, almost desperately now. For the past ten years he’s lived on the streets doing what ever he could to get by. His life looking more and more bleak as the years past. He getting ready to give up, the years of searching reminding him more and more of just how alone he is in the world.

*Marital Status: single

*Children: none

*Bonds: none

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