Character Details - Rachel "Chel" Mars Corinth Blackthorn

Written by Helen

Rachel Blackthorn

Human Self

Name: Rachel Mars Corinth Blackthorn
Meaning of Name: Innocent Warrior for Truth Blackthorn
Race: Human-Dragon
Height: 5’ 9”
Hair: Deep red with vibrant red highlights
Eyes: Celtic (modified) - Gold rims, green centres with amber rings around the pupil
Age: Mid-to-late 40’s (Whispin time)
Apparent Age: Twenties
Marital Status: Married to Yarwin Blackthorn
Children: Morgan, Taylon (twins) and Lianna Corinth Blackthorn
Occupation: Princess of Ingraleis

Dragon Self

Length: Fourty-five feet, snout to rump
Colour: Yellow/orange gold with almost silver highlights
Eyes: Faceted amber


Wild, exhibitionist, hedonistic, Rachel is uncompromising in her lust for life and pleasure. She can be reckless, quick to temper, but loyal and very mischievous. Since becoming a mother the red-head has calmed somewhat, but her temper and passions can still be roused without much difficulty.

Brief History

Birth: Born at Green Heart Inn, to Helen Mars. Mute from birth with exceedingly strong telepathic and telekinetic skills, displaying empathic abilities at puberty when her full powers came into force. Uses telepathic abilities to “talk”.

Twelve: Kidnapped with her twin by her blood father - Paul Davids - aged twelve, abused and tortured, including being stabbed in the lower abdomen by her elder sister Shari - it is later discovered this injury will prevent Rachel conceiving. Finally escaped, and as soon as her sister was safe, set fire to the house they had been imprisoned in. Sanity in danger, Rachel disappeared for many years, severing all connections but the light bond to her sister letting her know she was alive.

Eighteen: Appears in the Dragon Inn, barely aware of who and what she is. Is gifted the Dragon Talisman by Ymir, giving her the ability to assume Dragon form. When the talisman is made into a necklace by a dwarven smith, the necklace's magic embeds it into her skin and creates the Dragon 'Chel. Disappears again shortly afterward.

Twenty-six: Helen dies of genetic illness engineered to her system by the Corporation, Rachel returns just before her death and agrees to stay with her sister and brother, both of whom she has seen on limited occasions when she fell upon the Elven world again, and accompanies her brother to Ingraleis.

Twenty-seven: Becomes involved with the Dragon Shi'ay Yarwin, and is entranced by his mischeif, but also his compassion. When 'Chel enters heat and Rachel is unable to cope, Yarwin takes her through it, confessing his love and the pair become engaged. Rachel discovers she is pregnant, something she was told could never happen. It is later found out the magic of 'Chel's creation healed the old wound.

Twenty-eight: Marries and bonds with Yarwin. Morgan and Taylon born.

Thirty Four: Lianna conceived shortly before Tallin attempts to take over Corin. Rachel is plagued by visions from her unborn daughter during this period and nearly goes insane with the effects and the "dulling" of her bond with her husband.

Thiry Seven:(Post Laer - Yule) Yarwin's Yule gift unites the two sides of his wife - the Dragon and the Human - but only after the two agree to it. Rachel mourns her friend and companion, but the Dragon gives her one last gift - her physical voice.

Magic and Mental Skills

Rachel is a born telepath/telekinetic/empath and has received a large amount of rather unorthadox training in both the positive and negative uses of these while on her travels. Her strengths lie in telekineis and telepathy, her empathy no-where near as strong as her twins, though more by choice than birth.

Her telepathic gift gives her the ability to read minds, implant suggestions, change, erase or project memories and communicate mentally, as if having a conversation with you in your head. Apart from mental communication, she is loathe to use her abilities because of their intrusive nature, the absolute breach of privacy they cause. It would also be difficult for her to use these abilities on most of the people she meets, as magic and other things create mental “shields” which would require large amounts of strength to combat.

Empathy is very, very rarely used by Rachel, and then usually only where there is overwhelming negative emotion does she pick up on it. Again, she is aware of the privacy of others and will almost never use this gift without consent.

Her telepathy is stronger when used in conjunction to physical contact.

Rachel’s telekinetic ability enables her to move objects with her mind, from a penny to her own body, but the size of the object becomes an issue when combined with longer distances. The smaller the object the further it can go. Rachel is far more skilled with this than her twin because of her travels. She often had to extract herself from dangerous situations and became adept at teleporting herself to "safer" locations.

All of her mental skills are dependant on Rachel’s health and mental well being. Should she become ill or mentally incapacitated, her skills are reduced or nullified.

She also has some limited magics, mainly the ability to create and use portals. These appeared from Rachel’s birth at the Green Heart Inn, but Rachel blocked them out shortly after her kidnap - they only appeared when she was in extreme danger and was incapable of teleport. On these occasions they usually returned her to the Elven world - hence how she ended up in Dragon. She can, very rarely, tap into natural magic to re-enforce her mental powers, but usually only if she has been heavily drained.

Physical Skills

Rachel's training was in the dark places other rogues ran to, before even they became afraid of the powerful red-head. She can hold her own in a fight, and prefers to fight hand to hand although she is proficient with knives and guns, the latter she is reluctant to use. She is also trained in the art of "kinetic assasination". Put simply, Rachel's innate knowledge of the human body would enable her to use mental "fingers" to squeeze shut an artery, close off the blood supply, killing that person and leaving no evidence. This talent was buried by her twin at her request and, with luck, will *never* surface.

Personal Skills

Rachel can turn her hand to almost anything, but prefers to tend bar or do something involved with people - she is a skilled people watcher and hyper-aware of her surroundings. Lately this skill has dulled somewhat, becoming "soft" in her safety.

Identifying Marks + Jewellery


Around neck: Faint tracery of necklace with dragon pendant - the talisman Ymir the Giant gave her.
On back: Between shoulderblades (or wings when visible in human form) silvery-black Dragon, her bondmark to Yarwin (Please note this was originally a silver dragon at the nape of her neck, but it changed when Yarwin "revealed his true self")
Left shoulder: Mark of Ingraleis - marks Rachel as a member of the Ingraleis Royal Family
Right ankle: Small purple and blue butterfly
Left Ring finger: Small tattoo of golden dragon ring which was originally her wedding ring, now sunk beneath the skin.


Nose: Small gold stud with ruby
Lip: Titanium bar with ball top, usually golden jewel but can vary
Top of ear: Ring
Earlobes: Varies
Tongue: (Not usually worn) Titanium bar with spike top
Navel: Banana bar. Dragon head, neck and wings sits in navel with tail appearing about a quarter inch above.
(Note - Rach has one or two *ahem* other peircings... but they usually don't matter with normal interaction. If you absolutely HAVE to know, please IM me)

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