Character Details - Fabian Montagne

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Name:Fabian Narcisse Montagne
Race: half elf
Age: 100 (appears 16)
height: 6'1
weight: 187

Decription: Tall and lithe, Fabian has long thick chestnut brown hair, usually held back in a thick braid. His eyes are a dark blue, showing brightly against lightly tanned skin. High cheek bones and a narrow face give him a fine appearance without being feminine.

Personality: For the most part Fabian comes off as a bit of loner, he's open and easily affectionate but this usually hides a decidedly untrustworthy nature. Being a half elf has it's share of difficulties, he's not readily accepted into the human world and he feels like he's never truly been apart of his elven half. His parents break up has led him to be even more hungry for affection and this is shown in his quite open appraisal of others.

Background: His parents had a typical summer romance, something that should never have last as long as it did, and never should have produced him. But he was born and by the time he was fifteen it became quite apparaent that his father wasn't happy with his mother. After a lot of tears, his father left, the bond between Fabian's mother and father was broken and Fabian stayed with his mother. Years past and the half-elf withdrew in a lot of ways. Although he's openly affectionate with others, no one has ever touched his heart and he likes it that way. Saves him from being hurt. He's still quite young and he only just recently moved to Darenthaw to find his father although that search his so far proving futile.

Power: Although it has yet to show itself, Fabian is a Seer. The caste itself is secretive and very few know of it's powers, but they keep an eye out for elf and human alike for their kind. Second Sight as it's usually called is a gift that many charlatans claim to possess and often use it to trick the unsuspecting. The gift itself doesn't usually show itself until the mid hundreds although those chosen are said to have an uncanny ability at guessing things, reading people in general and understanding certain motives. This gift is by no means accurate and it is not a pleasant ability to have. Each seer's expericence is different, and often being given a window into the future is a double edged sword.

Fabian when he comes into his gift will suffer from extreme and sudden illness, usually accomanpied with hypothermic conditions. He will quite literally live out the events he sees. It doesn't happen all the time, and in fact can happen when one leasts expects it, although high stress or severe conditions and near exhaustion can affect this is it seems to make the mind more receptive to the other world. To add to this, Fabian cannot remember the actual vision itself, it must be interpreted by someone else and if it is not, then the event will happen regardless. Fate is a tricky thing and is governed by all the gods.

More on this power will be contained within the Aruinnbith Mythos.

General abilities: an adequate pick pocket, Fabian is quite adept at lock picking and general thievery. He's a bit of gambler although this is also do to his powers beginning to show. They're drawn to anything with chance. He is usual with a bow and blade although they're not his best abilities. Since he is rather young he still has a lot to learn overall.

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