Character Details - Desiree Bree

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Half Human/Half Elf
Green eyes
Age: Looks anywhere from 19-25
No special markings, the human side of her is dominent.

Appearance:  You will find that Desiree is usually wearing skirts and peasant type blouses.  She loves the colors of blue and green.  She preferes to run about bare foot but usually you will find her wearing slipper type shoes.  When needed she will wear pants and knee high boots.

History:  Desiree is the daughter of the mayor in the village of N'Shanesti. Her father had turned into nothing more than a despot as time went by setting up a business in his home in competition with the Splinter Inn. He sold his daughters as ladies of the night and had her brothers bring in the business. Her mother had died when she was only six, being an elven woman and of the forest the desert had quickly drained her of her life forces.  Desiree she has grown up on her own, and formed her own ideas on how her life should be.
Desiree knew she had few choices in her life if she stayed in the town she was born in, so she has made it a goal that she would not be sold by her father nor be one of his girls or live on the streets and she did not want to work as one of the girls for the madam.

She had heard about the owner of the Splinter Inn and had made it her goal to be his woman.  An undertaking that most women in there right mind wouldn’t even consider.

Desiree with a boldness she didn't know she had did go to the Splinter Inn and boldly found her way to the owner, Forester, and his bed but after a night she will never forget she left before he awoke.  She found that she could not be the cold, calculating woman that she had planned.  In the short time she had spent with him she found her feelings being drawn towards the man in a way she had not expected. 

Knowing she couldn't stay there she slipped out of the Inn and began her travels hoping to find a new life and new beginnings and maybe an adventure or two.  Though she is always looking over her shoulder, hoping against hope that one day she will turn and find that Forester is standing there waiting for her.

Weapons:  None at this time.  Maybe someone along the way will teach her some fighting skills.

Skills:  She has discovered that she has some magic from her mothers elven background. She is very careful in letting others know that she has certain skills, keeping them hidden most of the time. One being the to heal physical wounds. There are other things too, like fading in and out of places, supplying her own food if necessay. She hasn't tried anything new since she learned she could heal others.

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