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BeccaPhysical Description:
Preferred Name: Becca Sa'Nil
Birth Name: Rebecca Lynn Sa'Nil
Meaning of Name: Captivating cascade
Race: Telepcal/Shroudling
Age: 9002
Apparent Age (if different): Late twenties early Thirties
Height: 6 foot
Build/Weight: Slender
Hair: Dark Brown, mid back
Eyes: Driftwood Brown
Complexion: Tanned
Clothing: When on the grounds she wears black pants, black boots, and a grey tunic with a cap that she piles her hair under, when in court she generally wears dresses in the usual Shroudling style
Personal Items usually carried: None
Identifying Marks (if present): Various scars

Personal Information:
Personality: Becca is a quiet gentle soul that has an unfaltering innocent quality to her despite the things she has seen and done. Beneath the gentleness is a strong will and an old soul.
Occupation: Becca is a stable hand and second in charge in the Shroudling Royal Stables. She’s in charge of making sure the grooms see to their charges with as much care as they would show themselves. She also trains the horses in dressage and takes the younger ones through a training course to get them use to the sounds of battle.
Skills and Abilities: Proficient in weaponry and horses.
Weapons Used: Proficient with the bow and sword, however she prefers working with horses

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Brief History: Becca assists her father with the horses and lives with him and her uncle.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • At one time Becca was 7 foot 4, however during the story of Tiny Troubles her height was affected so that she shrunk a little over a foot before the healers were able to stop her shrinking.
  • Becca's horse's is a Friesian by the name of Caffar, an Irish name meaning Helmet. Becca's explanation for this is because he has a hard head.
  • Becca's scent and skin tastes like fresh peaches
  • Becca's favorite flavor is mint and she has a weakness for chocolate and mint
  • Becca's presence, like most Shroudlings,  has a calming effect on those around them.  Giving them a sense of peace.
  • Becca's favorite colour is blue
  • Becca has a naturally soft voice without appearing mealy mouthed that, despite it’s softness, still carries well.
  • Like the rest of her race, Becca gives off an heir of calm that is impenetrable by any empath. However, Becca has never mastered nor found a reason to learn how to hide her emotions. The combination of the two has resulted in her emotions being seen in her eyes.
  • Becca was one of the many that travelled to Whispin during the story The Shattered Web to assist in the war and the only Shroudling woman who did so. Riding in the initial charge she was also one of the many who went out onto the battle grounds at Zenith to dispatch the enemy wounded and to retrieve their own while others had to retreat because of the sun.
  • Becca is rarely seen without her sketch book. She's good at drawing/sketching and has an artist's eye that brings the image on the paper to life, however she doesn't think she's that good at it and considers it little more than a hobby but one she enjoys greatly.

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