Character Details - Emlyn Gravnor

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Emlyn Gravnor
Height 6'5"
Eyes: grey blue
Body type stocky and typical of Corin and the heavy gravity of Whispin

Heir to the Gravnor lands of Corin and sole survivor of his bloodline following the earthquakes in Corin at the time of SE.

While all Lords are fully trained warriors and keep those skills always in tone many are also highly skilled tradesmen in their family’s more domestic trade. Such is the case with Emlyn Gravnor who from an early age seemed to have a natural talent in the artistry of woodworking. He became his father’s pride and joy when his skills increased the family coffers by the sale and bartering of Emlyn’s handiwork. Many a noble household sought out the Gravnor woodcrafts when in need of any such item. Often his pieces were of such quality and carvings that they were treasured family pieces kept for eons.

Emlyn has also mastered the art of bow making with the prized BowWood direct from his own lands, which is abundantly rich in the Ptwang trees. He has made some of finest long bows of the creamy white wood knowing just how to carve them richly and not lose any of the renowned pliable strength the wood is prized for. In addition he has developed a secret method of stains that no one else has been able to copy. The creamy white wood ordinarily stubbornly resists staining even from years of handling and use yet yields to the master Emlyn Gravnor.

Emlyn is also quite the dashing fellow and it didn’t take him long to learn how to capitalize on it. He loves the company of a woman from time to time but has yet to find that one woman who can capture him. So despite his relative young age he is still a single man at his early prime of 55 years and now Lord of all the Gravnor holdings. He will at some point face up to his responsibility of securing an heir maybe later. For now he will flatter and flirt with any woman he so chooses regardless of their status. He has found certain such compromises quite profitable for the secrets required keeping him from exposing some philandering female and shaming her lord or husband.

However such ways has also forced Emlyn to hone his fighting skills to a fine edge out of self-preservation in the defending lord’s honor. Many a common woman has become widow and so the need for many of those to maintain the silence to the profit of Emlyn.

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