Character Details - Anaya Mars D'Riel

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Anaya D'Riel

Name: Anaya Mars D’Riel
Meaning of Name: Light’s Dawn Warrior Surging Soul
Race: Human
Height: 5’ 9”
Hair: Pale blonde, almost platinum.
Eyes: Celtic - grey rims, green centres with amber rings around the pupil
Age: Mid-to-late 40’s (Whispin time)
Apparent Age: Twenties
Marital Status: Married to Valin D’Riel
Children: Ce’Leste D’Riel, Val'Lan D'Riel and An'Lin D'Riel
Occupation: Ranger (Retired), Queen of Corin


Anaya was the shy twin, quieter than her extravagant, exhibitionist sister. However spending time back on Berelath revealed the fun-loving spirit within the blonde. She is caring, loving and passionate, with a mischievous streak. Since her gift of speech she has been learning to sing and can carry a tune quite well.

Brief History

Birth: Born at Green Heart Inn, to Helen Mars. Mute from birth with exceedingly strong telepathic and telekinetic skills, displaying empathic abilities at puberty when her full powers came into force. Uses telepathic abilities to “talk”.

Twelve: Kidnapped with her twin by her blood father - Paul Davids - aged twelve, abused and tortured. Finally escaped, but the house they had occupied was burnt down, killing all occupants.

Eighteen: Began Ranger training and occasionally returned to Berelath to visit her mother and friends.

Twenty-six: Helen dies of genetic illness engineered to her system by the Corporation, Anaya discovers she is no longer safe in the Rangers and retires, accompanies her brother to Ingraleis.

Twenty-eight: Meets Valin D’Riel at Rachel’s wedding. The pair fall in love and go to Whispin, to visit the Goddess Arminiea and “ask for a miracle“. Arminiea grants Anaya the same lifespan as Valin. The pair bond and later elope. Their bond gives Anaya that which she has never had, a physical voice.

Thirty Four: Tallin Modar attempts to take over Corin. Valin and Anaya “officially” married and crowned King and Queen of Corin. Ce’Leste born.

Magic and Mental Skills

Anaya is a born telepath/telekinetic/empath and has received a large amount of training in both the positive and negative uses of these. Her strength does not lie in any one of these disciplines, it is shared equally amongst them.

Her telepathic gift gives her the ability to read minds, implant suggestions, change, erase or project memories and communicate mentally, as if having a conversation with you in your head. Apart from mental communication, she is loathe to use her abilities because of their intrusive nature, the absolute breach of privacy they cause. It would also be difficult for her to use these abilities on most of the people she meets, as magic and other things create mental “shields” which would require large amounts of strength to combat.

Empathy is rarely used by Anaya, as she has learnt to “mute” the emotions of others to a dull sensation at the back of her mind. Only in situations where she needs to “test the mood” or where there is overwhelming negative emotion does this gift come into play. Again, she is aware of the privacy of others and will almost never use this gift without consent.

Both her telepathy and empathy are stronger when used in conjunction to physical contact.

Anaya’s telekinetic ability enables her to move objects with her mind, from a penny to her own body, but the size of the object becomes an issue when combined with longer distances. The smaller the object the further it can go.

All of her mental skills are dependant on Anaya’s health and mental well being. Should she become ill or mentally incapacitated, her skills are reduced or nullified.

She also has some limited magics, mainly the ability to create and use portals. These appeared from Anaya’s birth at the Green Heart Inn. She can, very rarely, tap into natural magic to re-enforce her mental powers, but usually only if she has been heavily drained.

Physical Skills

Trained for seven years as a Ranger, Anaya is skilled in many forms of combat. Like her brother, she favours the pike or staff, but can also happily wield a bow and arrow. She has some limited proficiency in swordplay and dagger work, but can handle her own in hand-to-hand combat.

Personal Skills

Anaya’s assignment to the Diplomatic branch of the Rangers meant she took a short course in diplomacy. She is no-where near as skilled a diplomat as Ghetsuhm, for example, but her training was augmented by her stint as Royal Councillor on Ingraleis, and has come in useful in her new role as Queen of Corin.

Identifying Marks + Jewellery

Above heart: S'Hean Runic Symbol for Eternity - Bondmark to Valin

Left bicep: Ingraleis Mark - marked as member of Ingraleis Royal Family

Right ring finger: Engagement and Wedding rings from Valin

Anaya also usually has on her person her Pike and Ranger pin.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Samantha Mathis