Character Details - Corryn Llewellyn

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Corryn Llewellyn

Age: 35 Whispin Years

Height: 6’ 2”

Hair: Dark Sandy blonde shoulder length

Eyes: Hazel gold (go grayer when angry more gold when feeling good)

Build: Lean for Corinians but still muscular and dense with the broader build natural to the race

Recently coming into Lordship due to the tragic loss of father and brother during a silk hunt. Corryn is still unwed and knows he must at some point address the carrying on of his family line. Currently he, like all the other Lords, is just working toward re-establishing his holdings and financial base following the Great Land Sickness. Corryn had recently developed a way to dye the silks in the deep rich colors fancied by the upper classes. Until recently the silks did not hold deeper than the medium shade of color with the pastels being the best. Now dark greens, reds, deep blues or purples, rust, browns and blacks are now showing up in his inventory.

Corryn’s outlook is one of steadfastness. He does like to indulge in good foods good drinks and good friends but always within boundaries. He has only rarely cast all caution to the winds. Even so he knows that in balance there is a time to play and a time to be serious. He is an expert hunter and warrior having trained well in order to hunt the great and dangerous shewmo from which he gets his livelihood. The Llewellyns long ago discovered the profitability of the shewmo silk and how to process it to its finest degree. This and the secrets of dying the resistant threads are a closely and well guarded family secret and practice. Only the presiding Lord and his heir ever know all the factors of the silk process keeping the final critical steps to themselves.

He was nearly executed for treason on false charges. Just prior to that he had become betrothed and was looking forward to marrying.

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