Character Details - Marentar

Written by DGCreated : 17-Oct-2005 5:49:04 am
Last Edited : 26-Mar-2008 2:24:03 am

Marentar is a Felinumeara-looking female roughly the size and build of a lioness, with black fur and white hair. She, however, is NOT Felinumeara. She is a dragon-drow with certain spells on her so that she keeps the appearance when she is in the presences of the Lion Felinumeara Lorn. When she is away from him she looks like a dark elf with blue black skin, white hair, violet eyes and dragon wings folded neatly over her shoulders. She is a time and dimension traveller so she knows futures(especially of some of the people around her) but she doesn't tell futures unless asked or in the form of "stories". She is a pirate by profession and a priestess by necessity. Lorn is her latest boyfriend/husband/ male companion.
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