Character Details - Cathaoir Wyvern

Written by Ian OByrneCreated : 16-Oct-2005 7:09:19 pm
Last Edited : 16-Oct-2005 7:12:37 pm

Name: Cathaoir Wyvern Pronounced: KA-heer

Appearance: Cathaoir is 6' 3" tall and thickly muscled. He has a thick broad chest and wide bold shoulders. His black silky hair hangs at shoulder length, casting shadows over his sharp and intimidating facial features. His eyes are a cold blue, bright and piercing. Skin lightly tan, Cathaoir is both handsome and fearsome.

Cathaoir wears a black long sleeved tunic with red embroidery at the wrists, and a red cape held together around his neck by a golden broach, holding a red jewel. He has long black pants and black leather boots. He always carries his broad sword, which is held in a red sheath and has an ornate hilt, gold and in the shape of a dragon.

Personality: Internally Cathaoir has rich emotions, often strong, but rarely overbearing. He is very observant and tends to spend his extra time contemplating personal questions and general questions. Externally, he is stern, and cold. Cathaoir is excessively aggressive in his actions and thoughts. Highly manipulative, he hates being kept in the dark and demands at all times as much full control of the environment as is possible.

History: Cathaoir grew up as a privilege son in a wealthy family in the House of Wyvern. His father was extremely militaristic and Cathaoir often found himself at odds with his father. Cathaoir rebelled against his father's oppressive ways, but his father would put him in his place through physical discipline, which meant beatings at times, and at others strenuous physical extensions over seen by his father, who would brandish a thick stick to ensure Cathoair cooperation. This effectively made Cathaoir physically strong, and made him overly aggressive and stubborn. When Cathaoir was of the proper age, he was sent off to be trained. His training changed his personality little, but he emerged a fierce warrior and a dangerously intelligent leader.

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