Character Details - Tahira Nyah

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Tahira NyahName: Tahira Nyah
Meaning of Name: Pure
Race: Hyperiian
Hair: Black, thick and naturally curly, although often artificially straightened.
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Complexion: Dusky, 'cafe au lait'
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Slim

Born on Hyperion, in the domed city of WorldHouse 1, Tahira is a member of a race that through both natural and artificial selection has evolved significantly away from their human ancestry. Her vision is significantly better than that of the average human, and she is able to see into both the infrared and ultraviolet spectra. She is also one of the first colonists to have had their skeleton implanted with Amerdium, a metal whose properties increase the strength of her natural bone structure, whilst still remaining light and flexible.

Like all of her race, Tahira is part of a symbiotic relationship, acting as the host for a worm-like organism called a Maak. This was injected into her during the last few weeks of her mother's pregnancy, and is now embedded into her brain-stem. Created as a means of ensuring knowledge was passed on intact from generation to generation whilst the generation ships that carried the colonists to Hyperion travelled to their destination, the Maak retains all knowledge gained from each host, along with some of the memories (although not all). These are then passed on to the next host, although in some instances it is necessary to 'kick-start' these. This is more a process of reminding an individual of something they already know, rather than learning something new.

By profession, Tahira is a biological scientist, a highly respected class on Hyperion. She is particularly skilled at genetic manipulation, usually dealing with the molecular biology of plants and animals, but as part of her training she has acquired a good basic knowledge of all aspects of biology.

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