Character Details - Jacy

Written by RailenCreated : 15-Oct-2005 11:26:32 am
Last Edited : 15-Oct-2005 11:30:24 am

Name: Jacy
Age: 5
Eyes: Silver; Eliptical eyes
Hair: Silver, nearly floor length
Build: small/slender

Physical: By looking at him, you would think that Jacy would have remarkable physical abilities, especially in the area of gymnastics. The truth is, he doesn't move much at all. While he remains somehow limber and healthy, the child would much rather sit and read a book than play.

His eyes are silver, just like his long hair, but they are slanted and cat-like in appearance. When he uses his special abilities, they seem to glow dully. It's also because of his unique mental state that his hair grows much faster than a normal human's.

Personallity: Jacy is very quiet, often seeking solitude, especially after any experimentations or tests done. He does like to listen to the others, though... often holding a soft smile while doing so.

Special Abilities: This young child, being a science project along with a few others, has extra skills that are very unique. He can manipulate things by way of telekinesis in the physical world... and to an extent manipulate minds. Because of his powers, there is a special silver band around his head at all times (unless properly drugged/sedated and being worked on) that limits his abilities to an extreme, hooked on in a way that he cannot remove it.

Age 16... Jacy has grown into a fine young man. His personallity is the same. His physical form is even very much what it was at five. He has grown tall, though his build remains very slender and lithe. There is a fluid grace to his movements, a calm sensuallity that he doesn't acknowledge. His passion is for reading, any book that he can find no matter the subject he will give the time. His favourite thing to wear is white jeans, often going without a shirt or shoes if he can. His silver hair has not had to suffer the many shavings from surgeries for years, his friend's ability to heal preventing those nasty brain tumours he had been cursed with through much of his young life. Now it often reaches to the floor, brushing the ground, the silver locks never being cut any higher than the backs of his knees.

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