Character Details - Ciara

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Physical Description:

Ciara Ethine Amina Aine

Meaning of Name:
Kernel of Truthful radiance

Schi (elf/Anaisi)


Apparent Age (if different):



pure white

pure whire changes colour with emotions

pale, albino

*Identifying Marks (if present):
three pairs of pristine white feather wings

Ciara prefers simple clothing, leather pants and simple shirts

Personal Items usually carried:
various anaisi made daggers she's nicked from her father's place. She also has several Aruinnbith silver daggers hidden on her person.

Personal Information:

In a word a spitfire. She is the only daughter of Samael, the Anaisi doting on her all her life, this has led her to be slightly spoiled. She's never been denied anything she wants and while others might take advantage of that, Ciara's time with her mother tempered that devious streak. Never one to be miscounted just because she was the only girl in the family Ciara has a will of tempered steel, refusing to back down when things don't go her way. Part of this may be due to her being spoiled but she doesn't see it that way. Determined and strong willed she can be kinda nd overly generous when it suits her. She can also be caustic and uncaring when she's been maligned. Loyal to her family and close friends, she's not one to anger, for while she can be quite open with her hatred, she can be just as underhanded with the situation calls for it; often choosing to wait patiently for the moment to cause the most frustration. Forever the joker, it can be sometimes difficult for her to realize her jokes have gone too far; only then will she be contrite or appear sorry in any way. She's not openly malicious, or even intentionally malicious, just spoiled.


*Skills and Abilities:
Like all Schi, Ciara has the ability to shift from location to location with a thought, she also has the increased healing of the race, and the natural strength and agility that Schi are known for. She did not inherit her father's powers or at least not in the way anyone expected her to. She has the power of Entropy; in short she can affect both inanimate and animate objects on a molecular level, either speeding or slowing the effects of time. Literally she creates chaos in her path. She was born with the symbol for Piran on her forehead, something that has never occured with a half-elf ever before. Although not truly one of his clerics, Ciara isn't effected by time, or anyone playing in it.

*Weapons Used:
her powers mainly, although she is handy with a blade.

Background Information:

Born the fourth child of the Anaisi Samael, she was doted upon by not only her father but her mother's family for most of her life. She grew up between two homes, her mother and father raising her equally through her childhood. She was born with the symbol for Piran on her forehead, something that has never occured with a half-elf ever before. Unlike other clerics she didn't transform on her 150th birthday, the mark on her forehead flared but otherwise nothing happened. Several days after, she was snatched by several of Piran's clerics who took her to the God himself. Curiosity had gotten the better of the god. One of the main low points in her life was the year her father sent her to her mother to stay until she finished her puberty. Such a long time away from the person who'd been so important in her life left her with many questions. She didn't find out until years later, when she and Samael began to repair the damage that separtation had caused both of them that she found out the reason. That wouldn't be the only time Samael had been hit by one of his children; Ciara no longer looking at her father through the near hero worship she'd long seen him in as she grew up. Seeing the vulnerable part of Samael didn't ruin their relationship, in fact through the years it became stronger, Ciara learning from her father, demanding he teach her in the same way he taught Seth, learning how to fight and take care of herself.

*Marital Status:


a strange, ethereal bond with Piran through the mark on her forehead.

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Anna Belknap