Character Details - Helena Chloe Bellator Tel'Quessir Corinth

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Rachel Blackthorn

Name: Helena Chloe Bellator Tel'Quessir Mars Corinth
Meaning of Name: Honoured Child Bellator Tel'Quessir Warrior for Truth
Race: Half-elf
Height: 5’ 8”
Hair: Wheat blonde
Eyes: Celtic - grey rims, green centres with amber rings around the pupil
Age: 75 (Ingraleis time) 30 (Whispin time) - Rough translation
Apparent Age: Twenties
Marital Status: Bonded to Luthall Moragoth (deceased)
Children: Jaythall Corinth Moragoth
Occupation: Queen of Ingraleis, Alliance Exchange Ranger (honourary)


Headonistic to the point of iressponsibility, Helena is a thrillseeker who enjoys doing anything that will irritate her Council. Prior to Jaythall's birth she was bright, vivacious and had a tendancy to be "in your face" at some times. Luthall's death and Jaythall's subsequent birth tempered her somewhat. Her loyalty to both her family and her Kingdom has never waivered, and motherhood has reinforced her belief in creating a better life for her people.

Brief History - Ingraleis Time

Birth: Born on Ingraleis, daughter of Princess Brianna Bellator Tel'Quessir and Prince Jason Mars Corinth

Ten: "Wade's Kiss" - an innocent kiss transfers some Wade Bridge's magical ability to Helena.

Thirty: Goes on her pre-coronation "thrillseeking mission", disguising herself she goes and works a multitude of jobs, from tending bar to stripping.

Fourty: Returns for her coronation in time for Tallin's invasion of Corin. Loses contact with her father and mother and takes her frustrations out in the Training Gym where the cheif trainer introduces her to the Palace Guard trainees and Helena begins training with them on a regular basis.

Fourty-Five: Coronation - Helena made Queen of Ingraleis. Rachel's gift is her own peice of body art and Helena decides to get her navel peirced.

Fifty: Meets Luthall while training - he is about to quit. Helena encourages him to give it more of a chance and he stays. The pair become involved.

Sixty-Six: Luthall joins the Alliance Ranger Exchange program and the pair bond.

Seventy-Three: Jaythall concieved. Luthall dies in a misunderstanding and Helena is devastated.

Seventy-Four: Jaythall born. Helena breaks down and retreats into herself. Anaya and Rachel drag her out of it but their repairs are tested by Luthall's parents negative reactions to her and her son.

Magic and Mental Skills

Helena has the capabilites of both her parents; her father's mental skills - her main talent is Telepathy though rarely used - and her mother's magic.

Her telepathic gift gives her the ability to read minds, implant suggestions, change, erase or project memories and communicate mentally, as if having a conversation with you in your head. Apart from mental communication, she is loathe to use her abilities because of their intrusive nature, the absolute breach of privacy they cause. It would also be difficult for her to use these abilities on most of the people she meets, as magic and other things create mental “shields” which would require large amounts of strength to combat.

Empathy is very, rarely used by Helena, and then usually only where there is overwhelming negative emotion does she pick up on it. Again, she is aware of the privacy of others and will almost never use this gift without consent. Helena, when at home, is also somewhat "empathic with the land". Because it is the source of her magic she can sometimes feel the land, if there is great trouble or pain.

Her telepathy is stronger when used in conjunction to physical contact.

Helena’s telekinetic ability enables her to move objects with her mind, from a penny to her own body, but the size of the object becomes an issue when combined with longer distances. Helena does not often use her telekinetic talent as she is much stronger at portalling objects, and this can be used over greater distances. She will sometimes use her telekinetics, usually for small objects from difficult locations.

All of her mental skills are dependant on Rachel’s health and mental well being. Should she become ill or mentally incapacitated, her skills are reduced or nullified.

Helena has very strong magical talents, especially when at home on Ingraleis as her powers are tied to the land. These are earth magics, and as such should the planet be endagered she feels this within her. As Queen she has the strongest rapport with her home, but echoes of it can be felt in all the female occupants of Ingraleis. If her Kingdom should ever become damaged, Helena can channel her magic to "heal" the land. She can also create and maintain glamours, a trick Helena is very skilled at, portal and pocket portal (handy things aren't they!).

"Wade's Kiss" imparted Helena with Wade's ability to shift to a seperate dimension, whilst still being aware of the one she has just left. This gift allows her to seemingly walk through walls, and see things no-one else does. When Helena reached puberty and came fully into all her talents this gift merged with her magic and allowed Helena innate control of how much of her left the dimension. Therefore, Helena can reach an arm through a wall or sink halfway into the floor, either as a party trick or to get quickly out of danger.

Physical Skills

Training with the Royal Guard has given Helena many skills. Like her father she prefers a pike or staff, but is equally capable with a broad range of weapons such as the bastard sword or a bow and arrows. Helena can also be leathal in hand-to-hand combat, but doesn't always fight "fair". She has learned to intigrate her shifting ability into her battle technique. If the Queen of Ingraleis disappears suddenly - worry.

Personal Skills

Helena does not tolerate fools, liars or those who hurt or betray her family. That said she is becoming a very skilled diplomat, with a talent for cutting to the chase. She is also learning how to handle her Council more sensitively,

Identifying Marks + Jewellery

Left Shoulder: Tri-point symbol with blue jewelled centre - Mark of Ingraleis. Marks Helena as a member of the Royal Family.

Left hip/stomach: Lilac centred sixstar in style of Mark of Ingraleis - Bondmark to Luthall. Since his death the mark is no longer raised and is more like a tattoo.

Navel: Lilac jewelled belly bar - Coronation gift from Rachel

Ce'Leste's Sig

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