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La primera cosa que le golpea cuando usted llega es el océano circundante, que impone a la pequeña península de la cual está la ciudad, y los miles de años de la historia. El Cádiz le hace parecer usted está en un barco que hace circular el océano hacia el horizonte interminable. Usted puede parecer a un capitán de uno de muchos grandes barcos que fueron en barco a América, quién por la noche soñó con los sonidos de la playa. El Cádiz es un sueño del océano.

First name: Eduardo
Last name: Franchez
Nickname: Lalo
Height: 6" ft
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Martial Statues: Single
Age: 25
Country of Origin: Cádiz, Spain
Profession: Pirate

Personality: While at first he might appear handsome yet simple and stupid, a deeper glance at Lalo would reveal a complex and strong personality. The events that took place in his life had forced him to grow up very quickly yet did not destory the child in him. He lacks the violence that many pirates have, though had not once in his life killed a man. When it comes to women and children though, he had been educated quite closely by his sister who made sure he'd be a gentleman.

History: As a child, Lalo's world consisted of his small modest family and of the small thriving port city of Cádiz, a city connected to the rest of Spain by only a thin strip of sand. He grew up listening to his grandfather tell him stories of the invasion of Sir Francis Drake and often when no one was looking as a boy he would pretend he was the English privateer, attacking Spanish treasure ships.

Lalo's father worked on a merchant ship, and often Lalo was taken along to learn the family trade. 

At the age of nine Lalo suffered the loss of his granfather, who had not only taught him to read and writer, but the meaning of family and the closest connection Lalo had ever experinced. Three years later, when Lalo was only twelve, both his parents were taken by plague and died.

Lalo's sister. Olivia, was sixteen when this happened and quickly married to provide Lalo with a reasonable family. The hasteful marriage turned out to be a vital mistake and both Lalo and his sister suffered from this grately. Three years into the marriage Pepe was born and died very suddenly at the age of four months, shortly after that Olivia's husband was murdered and Olivia blamed for this.

Olivia and Lalo fled from the police, and through a chain of odd events, both joined piracy, though not as Olivia and Eduardo but as Manuel and Eduardo, Olivia's gender hidden.

Years later Lalo discovered that Olivia had indeed murdered her husband as a result to the endless beatings she recieved and the death of her son at the hands of her husband.

Lalo is over protective of his sister, who sometimes seems not to need his protection. He's an extremely talented navigator and turned to be a successful pirate sailing under the most-feared and beknown pirates in the world.

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