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Griffith TalacharnName: Griffith Aguistin Talacharn (TAL-a-KARN)
Meaning of Name: Lord - Great - ?
Nickname: Griff
Race: Corinian Human
Rank: Lord Talacharn of Corin
Age: 39 at time of Orb of Mysteries.
Hair: Sandy-blond, Shoulder-length with a slight wave. Neatly trimmed beard and moustache.
Eyes: Storm Grey
Complexion: Tanned
Height: 6'
Build: Muscular
Identifying Marks:
Clothing: Generally practical garments, such as a tunic and trousers, in shades of brown or charcoal-grey.

Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None

Personality: Whilst generally relatively easy-going, with a rakish sense of humour, Griffith is nonetheless not someone to be trifled with. His temper, once roused, can be as dangerous as an ocean storm.

Abilities: Like all humans of Whispin, Griffith has a denser musculature than those of Terra resulting from the heavy gravity of the planet. He is a skilled warrior and sailor, having been 'messing about in boats' almost before he could walk. It is that connection with the sea that in part led to his connection with the likes of the pirates and merchants of Sargasso, enhanced by his own experiences aboard the ship of Captain Sloan. It also contributes to the family interest in shipping which is discreetly extensive, supplementing the income from the Talacharn estates. This connection is rumoured to be enhanced by the Merkin blood of one of his ancestors, and it is certainly true that Talacharns are more comfortable on water than they are on land.

Weapons Used: Broadsword

Other Information: Lord Griffith Talacharn was born in Castle Talacharn, on the west coast of the Kingdom of Corin, son and heir of Arwel and Crystin Talacharn. A remote part of the coast, the family has for the most part used this as an excuse to keep themselves to themselves, having no particular interest in court intrigue. Loyal to the King, they have nevertheless acquired something of a reputation, being considered little better than pirates in some quarters, and it is certainly true that they have quite close links with several individuals of disreputable character.

As is usual for boys of his rank, Griffith was sent at the age of seven to be a page in the household of another Corinian Lord. In his case this was Gardor Wyvern. He remained there until the age of fifteen.

At the age of eighteen, in a fit of teenage rebellion against the responsibilities that would some day be his, Griffith ran away to sea and ended up in Sargasso. There he became involved with the Pirates Guild, in particular Captain Morgan Sloan and his sister Mad Maggie.

The death of his father and younger brother, Eoin, in a shipwreck on The Sisters off the west coast of Corin during a storm when Griffith was twenty eight, left him as Lord of the Talacharn estates and the head of his family and household.

He has no particular interest in marriage, although he is aware that his responsibilities as Lord will undoubtedly require it some day. A betrothal between him and Catriona Raith, eldest daughter of a Lord whose territories adjoined his, was mooted, but came to naught when the lady was murdered along with the rest of her family as part of Tallin Modar's attempts to destabilise the kingdom and remove Valin D'Riel from the throne. Griffith inherited the Raith estates at this time which became known as Talacharn Minor.

Little Known Facts:
  • The Talacharn House crest is a gold hawk's head.
  • The Talacharn House colours are storm-grey, teal and gold

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