Character Details - Bagamba Whiteheart

Written by DGCreated : 4-Oct-2005 10:59:17 pm
Last Edited : 3-Jun-2007 8:45:07 am

Bagamba is a demon. Not a demonii. She has wander into your world escaping from her own and she only wishes to hide from those who would enslave her. She does not feed off a specific hormone and is more likely to protect a human "just because". Where she is from it is the free will of humans that keeps the "world" going and she longs for the right to have that free will.

She is 5'5" blonde hair and green skin, violet eyes and slender but well rounded build. She has tiny horns in her forehead and she can assume the form of a human with the same hair, eyes and build.

Bagamba is a "wicked" cook and can tell what someone needs most by touching them. She has the power (in her reality) to give it to them, though here that power may or may not work. She also uses song to help her with some things like language and movement.

She is also the caretaker of a new lifeform, the caterpillar called Click. It is her present Geas and she takes this job very seriously. Usually Geases are a chore for her but this one at present is a joy. She likes the Click and likes seeing the world thru his eyes. 

This character has no avatar at the moment.