Character Details - Sherard

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In Nomine RPG

Sherard was an Archangel among the Grigori before they were exiled from Heaven and bound to their duties among mortals on earth.

Sherard is the keeper of a Word from the Symphony: Knowledge. As such, his duties include insuring the increasing importance of his Word in the Symphony; ie, he's got to push the value of knowledge on mortals. As long as knowledge is growing in importance, Sherard's power and influence is on the rise.

Which doesn't mean squat since like ALL Grigori, he's an exile, doomed to spend all time in the corporeal realms, ignored by the Hosts of Heaven, forgotten by the Hordes of Hell, unknown among mortals. Still, it's something to do, when not shepherding mortals further along towards their ultimate destinies.

As keeper of the Word Knowledge, Sherard knows everything any mortal ever knew, knows, or will ever know. That's a lot of information to keep track of. So, he might be excused for not keeping as close an eye on his servitors - his assistants - as he should. Sherard feels responsible whenever one of them makes a mistake, speaking up on their behalf before the rest of the Grigori.

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