Character Details - Raven Thorson

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Occupation: Assassin
Age: Looks 36
Ht: 5’10"
Wt: 140 lbs
Eyes: Forest Green
Hair: Coal Black, long
Distinguishing Marks: A thin scar on her chin that turns red when she is angry.

Dress: Dresses in a black shirt and pants, with low cut boots. A long flowing hooded cloak that is clasped with a Raven's claw made of silver hangs over her broad shoulders. She wears her hair long, flowing down her back, covering the right side of her face. On her right wrist is a small white string, laced with two small beads, once the very first sting that the bow held, until a sharp blade cut it, welded by Angel. Her left wrist holds a thick band of steel, where a small hidden crossbow is built. She only uses this bow during emergencies.

Weapons: Placed over her shoulder is a longbow, made especially for her out of Ironwood, a strong but flexible type of wood that only grows high up in the ever frost mountain range. Used for a number of things, Ironwood bows deliver an arrow at a greater speed than normal bows. Raven uses the same type of wood in her arrows, using raven feathers for better accuracy. Each arrow is tipped in steel, barbs that recessed during flight, then open as they strike, making it near impossible to pull free.

The string of the bow is made from the silken threads of the Silica Worm. Their threads are used to make clothing waterproof and able to take on heavy wear and tear. It does not break and sends out a distinctive sound when released. Raven has added two small beads, to still the vibrations that the thread makes, making the bow almost silent.

She once gutted a man for touching her bow without her permission (of course, since she never gives her permission, any touching of her bow is a risky proposition) She used a sharp dagger that she keeps hidden in her boot. When unstrung, the bow makes a serviceable quarterstaff that she is fairly adept at using.


Her quiet demeanor hides a spirit of steal that has not been forged by man.

Ask her a question and she will not lie to you, she may not give you a straight answer but will skim around it. She will fight at your side for a price, but if given a higher price to remove you she may just take the offer.

Part of her history: She ran afoul with a group of old peacekeepers specifically a group run by a gentleman named Regonda. They were so impressed with her skill that they kept her on. When the Regonda group was evicted as peacekeepers for racketeering, Raven was bitter. When Regonda asked her to stay on as part of a special force working for an unknown "benefactor", she agreed. At the time she has a thing for Regonda, though she would never admit it to his face ... she's too much of a tough girl to ever show her feelings to anyone.

Regonda's group had run in with another group leader named Jack on numerous occasions. On one of those, Angel one of Jack’s henchwomen got the drop on Raven. Raven reacted by putting an arrow through Angel's wing. Angel retaliated by taking a blade to her face...hence the red scar. Raven holds Angel in extreme contempt, as the two would just as soon have it out, but the goals of their respective groups often hold sway and they put it off. Rumor has it that Raven keeps two special arrows in her quiver just for Angel.

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