Character Details - Ottilie

Written by SabraCreated : 2-Oct-2005 10:37:56 am
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Female Ophanim in service to Archangel Michael(Achangel of War).
Slender, trim, muscular physique, human form usually wearing armor type appropriate to the era and culture she is sent to. Ottilie prefers the two-handed battle ax, but is proficient in any weapon type from any era or culture. She wears her golden blonde hair short. Ottilie likes to fight, enjoys fast cars, and loves racing. She abhors waiting around for anything. She will not back down from a fight unless specifically ordered to by an authority she recognizes.

Ophanim are attuned to movement and speed, which means they always take the initive in any action. Ophanim always take the quickest route to their goal at that point in time. They can find there way to anywhere. Ophanim in service to Michael always strike first in any battle, no matter what- even if they are already mortally wounded.

Ottilie is relatively new as an Angel. She came into being in the midst of the Second World War, showing up on a battlefield in the midst of a mustard-gas attack. Her appearance and blantant disregard for her own safety turned the tide of the battle, triggering a charge that led to the Allies' victory on that day. Afterwards, she was recalled by Michael, vanishing off the field of war. She has continued to serve Michael faithfully ever since.

The Celestial form of an Ophanim is that of a huge wheel of fire, spinning in the sky.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

See writer's page on main Bardic Web site. Artwork used is from In Nomine, Steve Jackson Games.