Character Details - Caoimhe MacCallum

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CaoimhePhysical Description:

Caoimhe MacCaullum

Meaning of Name:

Belle, Kee, Mac



Apparent Age (if different):


lithe curvy

wavy black

blue green


*Identifying Marks (if present):
tattoo on her left hip of a fairy, navel ring

she perfers mainly items of comfort over anything tacky.
Personal Items usually carried: laptop, never leaves her sight ever

Personal Information:

Sweet and kind, with a bit of a mischevious streak, Caoimhe doesn't believe in things she can't see. She's extremely pragmatic, owing to her parent's both being involved in the sciences. Honest and driven once she finds something of interest she latches onto it, finding all the information she can on it. Extremely curious Caoimhe can't help but ask questions, or look for answers. But don't let the studiousness fool you for a moment, she might be smart and quick with a computer, but she's still spoiled. Rare are the times she hasn't gotten her way and she usually let's those who piss her off know.

trust fund reject, freelance techno nut

*Skills and Abilities:
a crack with computers, there's not a system that can keep Caoimhe out

*Weapons Used:
none she prefers behind the scenes

Background Information:

The daughter of two well respected scientist, Caoimhe grew up following her parents from space station to space station and planet to planet looking for anything interesting to study. More times than not she'd been left to her own decives, Caoimhe finding an apptitude for computers and systems throughout the years. Her parents gave her everything she ever wanted, anything to keep her happy whilst they continued to traipse from discovery to discovery, their daughter growing up without them realizing it. Problems arose when Caoimhe went out with a couple of friends to a party. Imbibing entirely too much Caoimhe woke three days later in the middle of something she'd really wished she could remember. News of the incident spread quickly and unfortunately right to her father's ears that Caoimhe had been involved in a week long drinking binge/orgy. After a huge fight with her parents, she was disowned with little more than the 'small' trust fund that had already gone into action the year before. Loading up her ship she left the space station on bad terms with her parents, not caring what would happen she just didn't want to deal with anyone she'd ever met there.

*Marital Status:



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Melina Kanakaredes