Character Details - Smooch

Written by R "Smooch"Created : 1-Oct-2005 8:23:29 am
Last Edited : 5-Feb-2006 10:58:03 am

Smochdeffer is a Djinn in service to Kronos, Prince of Fate. He has no word nor does he want one. too much trouble. In his true form he is a large grey feline about the size of a panther with a blue collar and bright green eyes. This too is the form of one of his vessels...or rather a grey house cat with a blue collar sporting several tags and a bell. One of the tags is a St. Francis medal which he tries to lose at all cost but it seems to always come back.

His human vessel is that of a powerfully built green eyed Mongolian man who   usually  wears a dark suit with a tie that is the same color as his collar or a blue Manchrian shirt and black pants. He is called "Shen Din" in this form.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

BW avatar-Human Bard