Character Details - Kor'inth Dhaunae (Nocturne Version)

Written by SilverthornCreated : 1-Oct-2005 6:20:53 am
Last Edited : 15-Jan-2006 12:26:39 pm

The physical description for Kor'inth Dhaunae remains the same as that on the character database.

However, the history is very different.

Whilst his first loyalty remains to Nargus Blackthorn, rather than his son Araxmarr, the Emperor's acknowledgement of the Black Guard's loyalty to his heir, and the assassination of the Eldredae as ordered means that certain factors never occurred.

There were no Inquisitions.

The Dhaunae House were never handed over to Nargus by Kor'inth.

Erinya never vowed to slaughter her older brother on sight.

Not that the siblings see eye to eye, far from it. 'Fury' and 'Rage' clash far too often for peace to reign in their household.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Stuart Townsend