Character Details - Erinya Dhaunae (Nocturne Version)

Written by SilverthornCreated : 1-Oct-2005 6:20:33 am
Last Edited : 7-Jan-2006 9:20:56 am

100% Black Dragon, 100% Bitch

This is not Erin. This is Erinya Dhaunae, the Fury of the Plague Dancer. Cold, ruthless and vicious, someone who has long deserved the appellation of 'that Crazy Black Bitch'.

The physical description of this version of Erinya Dhaunae is identical to that in the character database, save for one marking. There is no mark on the inside of her right forearm as she has never met, let alone mated with, Areq Datari. Indeed, as a Silver, to this incarnation he would merely be viewed as a target.

Her only loyalty is to Araxmarr Zavern Sar'da, but he is not her Master and her loyalty is not blind.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Kate Beckinsale