Character Details - Udo

Written by UdoCreated : 30-Sep-2005 8:13:37 pm
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Udo, Kyriotate of Eli

What's that mean?

First, Eli is the Archangel of Creation. He's a Celestial on the verge of being cast out by the OTHER Archangels. Why? Because he's got better things to do than play their political games. So, he's abandoned heaven in favor of wandering all of Creation, taking care of business as he sees it.

A Kyriotate is a Celestial whose true form is that of a cloud of miscellanious body parts. When in Corporeal form, they inhabit several bodies - any bodies - at once. Those serving Eli are able to create the bodies they need; others have to possess them. Any animal form a Kyriotate possesses is modified so the animal can speak.

So, a Kyriotate of Eli is a personality inhabiting several persons, animals, plants, or things at once, in service to Eli, Archangel of Creation.

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