Character Details - Draygos de Murde

Written by Mezhichia RaelCreated : 30-Sep-2005 3:44:16 pm
Last Edited : 30-Sep-2005 4:06:32 pm

A member of the Celestial Malakim, usually appearing human - but NOT. Draygos de Murde's Celestial form is a shadowy humanoid figure with large black wings glinting with purple highlights. The embodiment of personal honor, Malakim can sense the level of someone's personal honor, and whether or not the person feels he/she/it is living up to it. Malakim judge all they meet by their own code of honor, making dealing with them problematical at best - and dangerous at worst. No Malakim has ever Fallen.

Draygos de Murde serves Archangel Dominic, Hunting down the Fallen and corrupt of Heaven. He is often teamed with two others, forming a Triad of Inquisition.

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